5 Reasons to Get SUV Tents

An SUV Tent allows you to travel and camp anywhere without having to leave your household necessities or luxuries behind. There is a vehicle sleeve that is available for every tent and allows the tent to connect to the back of your SUV, minivan, crossover, wagon or pick-up truck, with or without a roof rack. It is a wonder that more people don't have this equipment as it makes camping considerably easier thanks to its efficiency and reliability. Here are some reasons to get SUV tents now.

Protection From The Elements

There is always a downside to camping, which is mainly natural elements such as the sun, wind and rain. However, these tents are crafted in anticipation of challenges from the natural elements. A built-in awning allows campers to relax worry-free in the shade, not having to be mindful of the scorching heat from the sun.

In addition to an awning, some of the tents contain meshes, also known as windows, to protect you from insects, which may give you a hard time. All tents come with 2 to 3 screens that are strong and tear-resistant, and these keep flying and crawling pests just where they belong - outside.

When you want to seal up your tent entirely for sleep or to prevent rain from entering, simply roll down the window, then zip them and the other sections closed. And if you've got food stored inside, a sealed-up tent will dampen most odors from attracting unwanted wildlife attention.

Ability To Camp Virtually Anywhere

As one should realize from the product name, the SUV tent is designed to be used wherever your vehicle can go. It is a well-known fact that SUVs are notorious for tackling different treacherous terrains, hence widening your camping options. Once you have located a legal area to park, purely unload and set up camp. Above all, the tent doesn't require being hauled around, along with the countless heavy equipment, as our vehicle does most of the work for you.


Save Money

The expenses can pile up when you realize that you need to pay to utilize a designated campsite, coupled with the accumulated travel mileage. As stated before, with the SUV tent, you do not have to fret about finding a suitable designated campsite as you can camp anywhere your vehicle can travel. When you factor in driving, you can drive only as far as you want and not as far as you need.

Not to mention, you have to consider the cost of each camping equipment, which is relatively expensive. Thankfully, the SUV tent comes with the tools and your basic household items you need, which further reduces the overhead costs of being on the road.


With its spaciousness and broad widths, the SUV tent allows you to travel and camp comfortably with a large number of people. This feature helps to eliminate the issue of being cramped due to a lack of space. With this customization capability, you can now purchase a tent that can conveniently hold up to eight persons. Notably, this makes it a suitable camping gear for the whole family, with room for additional friends.



Automotive tents connect directly to your vehicle, which implies that safety benefits are integrated. And this safety measure is shown with the hatchback or SUV style tent set up. If adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms or lightning arise unexpectedly, it's remarkably simple to retreat to the safety of your vehicle. There, you will be fully protected from lightning strikes, falling trees, and other unavoidable natural hazards, thanks to the easily retractable SUV tent attached to your vehicle.

It can also serve as a shelter from wildlife creatures such as bears, wolfs and raccoons. Since the canvas can be installed effortlessly and deftly, if there was an animal attack, you can quickly seek refuge in the tent.


The SUV tent is undoubtedly an excellent investment because it is safe, secure, considerably efficient, spacious and cost-effective. Since it is more useful than the traditional camping tent, you can take it anywhere with you as long as you have a vehicle onboard.

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