Adventure Date Ideas for Thrill Seeking Couples

Adventure Date Ideas
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For couples who are both outdoor enthusiasts, there’s no better place to enjoy each other’s company than with mother nature. Now, camping is fun but sometimes you need something a little bit more exciting to spice up your time together. What can an adventurous couple do to get some excitement during their outdoor activities?

You have come to the right place, my friend. Below are some adventure date ideas that you can incorporate into your camping plans or out of town vacation. These ideas can help the thrill-seeker in both of you to have a blast of a good time. What better way to spend time together than creating unforgettable memories together?

My 8 Selections for Best Adventure Date Ideas

​Right now, I will show you the Top 8 Adventure Date Ideas that come up in my mind:

1. Rock Climbing

Any adventurous person would have already hiked and mountain climbed at least once. For couples, hiking might already be a normal date night. So how about we spice things up by also inserting some competitiveness into the date? There are literally dozens of places you can go rock climbing/wall climbing within or near your immediate vicinity.

Wall climbing activities are offered by specific establishments. If you are looking to do this activity away from the crowd, an honest to goodness rock climbing around mountain ranges is the best way to go. However, you should always take all necessary safety precautions if you do plan on doing some rock climbing with your significant other.

Wall climbing within establishments that offer this activity would be the best choice for beginners as it is completely safe. The staff is professionally trained with safety procedures and the floor around the wall is literally flooded with soft foam. Basically, if the both of you are still not confident with your rock climbing skills then try finding an establishment that offers wall climbing activities.

2. Kayaking

See a river in your favorite camping spot? Why not go through an exhilarating adventure together by conquering the river? Kayaking is not only exciting but it is also quite a good workout. It also promotes teamwork which I believe should be a good element for couples to work on.

Adventure Date Ideas 1

This activity can be quite risky so it is best to prepare and get a good grasp of the river you are planning to kayak in. If this is your first time then I suggest you pick a river that is recommended for beginners. These rivers are generally calm and offer breathtaking vistas and even beautiful wildlife.

If you and your partner want a bit of challenge afterward then you can try looking for rivers that offer a bit more challenge to navigate. Remember that kayaking can be fun but it can also be quite dangerous. Never challenge a rapid that is far beyond both of your skills. That being said, this is one activity that will surely bring both of you closer.

3. Horseback Riding

Fancy yourselves a little something different in terms of crossing the great plains? How about a little horseback riding outdoors? It is a given that you can’t just ride a horse and expect to gallop away like an expert. You will need to do some training but once both of you get the hang of it, it truly is a rare experience to be one with these majestic animals.

If you are planning on going on a horseback riding adventure then I highly suggest you seek these places from around the world. They not only offer well-trained horses for you to ride on, they also allow both of you to truly soak in the wide-open surroundings.

Remember to treat the horse with respect. These animals are powerful and fast so don’t try anything that would agitate them or you will most likely find yourself thrown back to the ground and a little worse for wear.

4. Scuba Diving

If you’re planning on going camping together or staying near the ocean then how about you both go scuba diving? There are literally hundreds of amazing beaches all over the world that offers scuba diving activities. These places offer scuba divers a great front seat view of the wonders of the ocean. Filled with a cavalcade of ocean species, it is literally like being on an alien world.

Adventure Date Ideas 2

This one can be done with little experience as long as you have a guide or if one of you has done scuba diving dozens of times already. Obviously, you need to learn to swim. Spending a date under the sea is, for a lack of a better word, romantic and magical. It’s something adventurous couples need to experience together at least once in their life.

5. Spelunking

Looking for something a little more dangerous? How about spelunking? Spelunking is basically cave diving and will truly need proper preparation to accomplish. In that regard, I highly suggest that you and your significant other, hire a guide to take you into the depths of these intricate cave systems.

Adventure Date Ideas 4

Obviously, avoid this activity if you or your partner has claustrophobia as you are most likely required to squeeze into a few tight spaces. But caves have a certain beauty to them that you can’t find anywhere else so the journey to the coolest parts of the cave is almost always worth it.

Please, don’t risk it by going in without proper knowledge of the cave system as it is extremely easy to get lost in there. If you are planning on spelunking with your partner then check out these other worldly caves from around the world. They are literally each in their own right, one of a kind.

6. Mountain Biking

This is one outdoor activity that should really both get your blood pumping as you zoom along the mountain range. This can be quite dangerous though so if both of you are new to this then you might want to check a more relaxing mountain path to go through.

Adventure Date Ideas 3

It is not restricted to mountains as well. Going through a long trek in the woods can be made more tolerable and fun by bringing your mountain bikes. You will make excellent time reaching your campsite and get a good leg work as well.

7. Bungee Jumping

Definitely, something that has been a staple for adventurous individuals, bungee jumping is as electrifying an activity as they come. However, the only downside to this is that it is over quickly. I suggest you do the bungee jump as the last activity on your date.

Adventure Date Ideas 5

There are dozens of places around the world that offer bungee jumping but if you want the highest one then you will both need to go to Macau. The Macau Tower offers a staggering 233-meter jump and is a world-record breaker. If you guys want to level up your bungee jumping experience to the maximum then Macau is where it is at.

8. Wildlife Safari

You think safaris are only available in other countries? Of course, not. The United States is also ripe with amazing places to appreciate nature and the hundreds of flora and fauna that come with it. You can hire a guide to take you around the Yellowstone National Park, among other places, for a nice little safari experience.

Adventure Date Ideas 7

I believe that as an outdoor enthusiast going a safari is a better way to appreciate nature and the species that live within it. It is better and more fulfilling than simply going to the zoo. So, go on safari trip for your next date if both of you are nature lovers.

Final Thoughts

Adventure Date Ideas 6

Going on an adventure for your date is a one of a kind experience. It is something that you will both share for the rest of your lives so I suggest you take into consideration the ideas I listed above for your next date.

As always, comment down below if you have anything to add and don’t forget to share this article around if you found it helpful. Cheers, mate!

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