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Much has changed when you talk about air gun products. Today, there are high-quality air gun products shooters use at the range or hunting with high accuracy. Depending on the specific needs, desires, and usage, you are supposed to buy only quality air gun products. Once you have determined the right quality of your air gun, then you can go ahead and buy it; this will offer you the best service. Also, you are supposed to look at your budget to buy the air gun, which will fit your ability. Making the wrong decision will be very detrimental to your whole experience. Here are top quality air gun products to consider.

Benjamin Bulldog Bullpup

The Benjamin Bulldog is the most efficient and effective air gun product in the world because of its unique design. It has a bullpup design where the pistol grip and the trigger are ahead of the chamber and action. It is an incredibly short gun, short but it has a full-length barrel. It is 30 percent shorter than other gun products with a 28-inch barrel. The main reason you need to buy this air gun product is it can maneuvers easily in and also out of a vehicle, on the UTVs, and four wheels.

Gamo Big Cat

Gamo Big Cat is a high-quality air gun product that is well-maintained and very powerful. It shoots a .177 bullet in a thunderous rip of 1250 feet in a second. Typically, this makes it robust and fast enough to play small games such as squirrels and rabbits. It produces excellent air guns, backed by exceptional customer service and excellent warranties. This air gun can be used in various roles and excels at spinning and target shooting plates, as well as in pest control and hunting.

Seneca Dragon Claw

Seneca Dragon Claw has come a time in the world of air guns when there is a need to shoot with more power. It is the 50-caliber air gun that uses the design of pre-loaded pneumatic. This air gun product fires a 50-caliber bullet of about 679 feet per second while generating 230 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. The Dragon Claw has enough stopping power for dropping wild boars and other medium game instantly. The Seneca Dragon Claw is perfect for getting rid of parasites such as coyotes, skunks, and foxes very efficiently.

Crosman Benjamin SBD Rogue

The Crosman Benjamin SBD Rogue is the quality air gun product to buy because of its improvement from the original product of Benjamin Rogue SBD. It significantly reduces the muzzle noise, making it three times quieter when compared with other break barrels. Crosman Benjamin SBD Rogue is the 177 caliber project which throws the bullet at a speed of about 1,400 feet in a second. The SBD Rogue the perfect silent killer for dispatching pests and other small game hunting. It is a brutal air gun, which makes the game short and quiet. Typically, it is the quick shooting and hard-hitting little gun that you need to buy.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle w/ Nitro Piston

Crosman’s Nitro Venom generates a maximum 950 FPS from an alloy pellet and 800 FPS with conventional pellets, which may seem pedestrian as compared to their SBD Rogue but is more than enough for pest control at medium range.  The Nitro comes with 3-9x32mm scope made by CenterPoint, while not the best scope it is more than adequate for its intended purposes.  This rifle weighs 7.375 pounds which make it a great starter rifle.  The pellets are 22 calibur helping to make up for the relatively low pellet speed.  This gun will do the job.

Gamo Silent Cat

A very popular rifle this gun boasts a caliber of .177 and shoots lead pellets at a respectable 1200 FPS. The Silent Cat comes with a stock 4x32mm rifle scope with rings.  Some report that the gun isn’t as silent as they thought it would be considering it comes with a name with the word “silent” in it.  Perhaps that is just unrealistic expectations of the shooters.  With this rifle you should be able to sight in the included scope within a quarter of an inch at a 25 yard range which will do nicely with pest control at medium range.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle .22 Cal

This air rifle boasts a 22 calibur pellet and a respectable 1020 FPS while using PBA Platinum pellets.  The included scope is a Recoil Reducing Rail design which absorbs the force from the recoil making it hold its sights longer and give it a longer life in general.  The trigger is a CAT (Custom Action Trigger) design allowing you to adjust 2 stages of trigger resistance. This gun has been highly rated and should serve its purposes for years to come.

Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

The Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is a .177 caliber and can shoot PBA platinum pellets at a very strong 1300 FPS. The Raptor uses IGT (Inert Gas Technology) which apparently reduces vibration allowing your scope to hold its aim for longer.  IGT also allows the gun to cock more smoothly.  The 4x32mm Shockproof scope is adequate while some have complained about it not being very accurate. Apparently your mileage may vary so keep that in mind.


Whether you want to take care of pests invading your barn or just to get your pre-teen child out into the wild there are air gun options available to you.  There is a wide range of price points to choose from and an even larger number of features these different guns have. Watch online reviews of any gun you may be considering and listen to people that you trust to give you an idea as to which gun you need. 

In some cases you can go and try these guns before you purchase them, check your area for gun shops that have ranges that will allow you to test before purchasing.

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