All You Need to Know About Bed Bug

Grown-up bed bugs are dark colored, and around 1/4 to 5/8 inch long. They can be seen with naked eye; however, you should use a magnifying glass to see them clearer. Bed bugs’ favorite places to hide include: the mattress, bed frame, walls and carpet, electronics and appliances, … They prefer places that offer them darkness, isolation and protection, so remember to check those carefully. 

In spite of the fact that the favored host for bed bugs is people, they will not leave out different creatures, for example, mice, cats and dogs... Bed bugs suck blood from their host and their bites can be red and swollen, leaving the skin being irritated and inflamed.

Do not worry too much because once you know bed bugs’ habits, you can prevent them for good. Here’s the closer look at what those bed bugs like:

  • The edges of mattresses, box springs and bed frames are the places where bed bugs often lay eggs. Other areas to look out for are behind picture frames, loose wallpaper, under door and window casings, baseboards or along the edges of carpets.
  • In the daylight, bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices.
  • They can also be found in box springs, the bottom and sides of drawers, chairs and sofas.
  • They can move from one place to another, especially when you move things around your house.
  • Bed bug not only feeds on humans but also suck blood from cats, dogs, mice, and birds... So if you have pets, you must be more careful when it comes to bed bug.

Step 1: Bed Bug “Declutter”

Gather everything that does not stay in the room all of the time, such as toys, books, blankets, bed sheet, gadgets,... and remove them. Alert: Be careful that things can move bed bugs from one place to another.

To deal with infested bed sheets and blankets, it is better if you can wash them in hot water (above 120 degrees fahrenheit). Another choice is heating them in a clothes dryer.


As bed bugs prefer to cover up in drawers, you should surrender furniture to review and clean all concealing spots. If your furniture is placed against the wall, you should consider pull them away from there.

Vacuum the room and clean the infested surfaces with a solid brush. Vacuum along baseboards, furniture, bed stands, rails, headboards, foot sheets, bed creases, tufts, catches, edges of the bedding, just as the edges of the floor coverings (especially along the tack strips). A decent vacuum cleaning employment may expel particles from splits and cleft to energize more prominent bug spray infiltration. Bed bugs stick firmly to surfaces, so it is ideal to vacuum by scratching the finish of the vacuum connection over the pervaded regions to pull them out. Discard vacuum cleaner sacks in a trashcan outside.

Step 2: Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs have the habit of hiding in cracks and crevices in the daylight and only coming out to feed on the host's blood at nightime, especially while the host is sleeping. And that is the reason why you should inspect them carefully.


Pay special attention to rips in the fabric, drawers and cushions from surrounding furniture, wall hangings, behind baseboards, cracks in plaster and seams along wall paper and so on. Use a flashlight and a magnifying glass to check those carefully because bed bugs can slip into an crack a business card can fit into.

Step 3: Bed Bug Treatment

This is a good source of how to do the bed bug treatment that I followed, it worked amazingly: See more here! 


There you have it. That’s an ultimate guide on how to get rid of bed bug for good. Home cannot be sweet home if there are some bed bugs laying around and waiting to bite our family members and our pets. Now, take your bed bug killer and get your hands on all the cracks and crevices in your house. It can take quite a while to get things done but in the end, you deserve to live in a squeaky-clean environment.

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