Best Family Tent – Enjoy a Great Camping Trip with the Whole Family

Outdoor enthusiasts will most likely have invested in a high-quality tent for themselves. That’s practically a given for every serious camper as a high-quality and reliable tent is a must when facing the great outdoors. But let’s say you now have a family and your single tent or double tent will simply not be able to cut it. This is where the best family tents come into play.

Our Top Picks Of Best Family Tent

What Are Family Tents?

As you would expect, family tents are designed to house a handful of individuals. It is roomy to the point that you can even setup a couple of chairs and tables inside. Think of it as the pinnacle of what a tent can offer. If that sounds enticing to you and your family then it is best to invest in a high-quality family tent to ensure no issues will arise in the future.

What Are Best Family Tents

The question now is how you can pick the best family tent in the market. One quick search and you will see that there are literally hundreds to choose from. What should you look for and what should you avoid in a family tent? This is where I come in as I break down and enumerate the qualities and features you need to look for when buying your own family tent.

Family Tent Buying Guide – What to Look for

Best Family Tent Buying Guide

So, what to look for when buying a new tent for your family? Here are some criterion i have for my "awesome" tent. It may suit you!

#1. Common Characteristics of a Family Tent

A family tent, as you would expect, is far larger than any type of tent you will find. It features tall and steep walls which further maximize the interior space. It is also quite heavy and is impossible to bring on foot. Some family tents feature dividers to allow for separate rooms. The family tent is also designed to be used for car camping due to its weight and size.

The fact is that family tents are simply too heavy and large to be a viable tent to be brought on foot. Using your vehicle is the best possible way of bringing and transporting the family tent to the campsite. Basically, you can bring the family tent as far as your vehicle can take you. Easily accessible campsites will the place to set up these large tents.

Common Characteristics of a Best Family Tent

One thing you need to know about family tents is that the material used in making one are not as tough or resistant as backcountry tents. The upside to this is that family tents offer significantly more room and are usually cheaper as well. If you are planning on a light camping trip with the family in a location known for its good weather then the family tent is the best option.

#2. Family Tent Standard Size

When it comes to picking a family tent, its weight is a non-issue as you should only use one during car camping trips. Size is where you should be focusing your attention on this one. Family tents can fit up to 6 persons but there are others that can fit a lot more. If you have a family of four then go for the 6-person sized tent. That extra leg room will be quite welcome during camping.

#3. Features of Family Tents

All family tents are double-walled and most will feature more than one door. I recommend one that features two doors as it can allow you and your family to easily get in and get out without breaking a stride.

An additional feature that some family tents include is the porch. These are more expensive than your standard family tents for obvious reasons. However, this is more of a superfluous design inclusion as family tents that have porches cannot handle rain and strong winds as good as the standard ones. Family tents that have vestibules are best used in locations known for pleasant weather conditions only.

Features of Best Family Tent

One characteristic of family tents you will quickly discover is the numerous ventilations it has in its design. This is to be expected as the large size of this kind of tent will need proper ventilation in order to help the interior stay cool during the hot summer days.

Advantages of a Family Tent

Using a family tent also has other advantages other than its commendable size. I will list down some of the advantages a family tent delivers based on my personal experience.

Advantages of a Best Family Tent

1. You will be able to keep an eye on your kids better. My wife and I personally found it comforting to easily see our children easily. The large space of the family tent allows our kids to have their own space, separate from us, but also allows us to guard them as they are literally just a few steps away.

2. It's spacious enough to have some fun activities with the family. Our family tent is big enough to fit a medium sized table and a couple of chairs inside. We played some board games there without worrying about insect bites.

3. It is surprisingly affordable. A large sized family tent is actually cheaper than some, single or double tents. The reason for this is that family tents utilize cheaper materials. It may not be as tough but it makes up for it in sheer size and convenience.

Now that we have tackled some of the basic information regarding the family tent, it is time to list down my highly recommended family tent products of 2018. This list was compiled by me and my friends based on our own personal experience as well as our knowledge about the subject matter.

This list is made specifically to help you narrow down your short list of family tents. Check out each product and their pros and cons to help you decide which one fits your needs the best.

Top Best Family Tent Any Campers Will Recommend...

Here are the Top 5 Best Tents for family that i always use to recommend my friends and relatives when they are about to make the decision. Let's see:

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

This family tent from CORE is a real eye-catcher. It can hold up to 9 people easily and still have some extra leg room. It is designed to be extremely well-ventilated and is perfect for use during the summer season.


Editor's Rating: 9.5/10

I also greatly enjoy how easy it is to set up and disassemble. It can literally be set up within 5 minutes tops. The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent lives up to its name as setting up this family tent is extremely easy. I recommend this family tent for normal weather conditions.


  • Large size can fit 2 queen-sized bed easily
  • Set up can be done within 5 minutes tops.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Offers good privacy even with the rain fly removed as the walls are high enough to cover your whole body from the outside.


  • Not designed for cold weather environments. The amount of ventilation in this family tent makes it nigh impossible to keep the interior warm.
  • The frames are not designed for excessive winds and may make the tent, as a whole, unstable.


Overall, the CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is a perfect choice for families who will be camping around average weather locations. Its impressive size and user-friendly design makes it a top choice for most. However, don’t expect it to hold up during rainy and winter seasons.

The Browning Camping Family Tent is currently one of the best-selling family tent in Amazon. It definitely earns those sales numbers as it also offers great protection during the rainy season.

It also doubles as a hunting tent for game hunters who will be planning a long stay outdoors. The design of this tent also makes it ideal for all kinds of terrain.

Basically, this is an all-around tent or the Jack-of-all-Trades in terms of family tents.


Editor's Rating: 9.2/10


  • The tent is made from high-quality materials like 150D polyester material coated with 2000mm and 75D 185T polyester fly which is UV ray-resistant.
  • All-around tent designed for various weather conditions.
  • The ceiling is quite high so you won’t need to hunch when inside.


  • Some complaints about the zipper areas having leaks during heavy rainfall.


The Browning Family Tent is definitely one of the best possible choices in terms of car camping tents. It is large enough to house the whole family with room to spare. It is also designed to be as sturdy as possible and withstand heavy torrential rainfall as well as offer enough ventilation to keep the interior cool during summer. All in all, this is a solid family tent if you want something tough and reliable.

As the name suggests, the Tahoe Gear Ozark Family Tent can house up to 16 people which pretty much prevents any lack of space issues. As expected, a family tent this large will take some time to set up as we personally took at least an hour during our first go around.

 Disassembling is significantly faster as we were able to take it down in 30 minutes. It features well-placed ventilations and hanging racks for lights. It also comes with a porch area which you can setup if you wish.


Editor's Rating: 9.0/10


  • The ceiling is quite high which allows for easy movement within the tent.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Zippers glide smoothly.
  • While it does take a bit to set up, the instruction manual is easy to follow.


  • Not advisable for use during torrential rain.


The Tahoe Gear Ozark 16 Person Tent is a great investment if you love camping with family and friends. The sheer size of the tent is impressive, to say the least. The only downside I found here is that it is not designed to resist heavy rains. But if you are planning on camping in a relatively sunny environment then this is a great choice.

At a Glance…

This tent is designed to fit 10 people with room to spare. You can use the divider within the tent to get 3 separate rooms for those who want some privacy.

The family tent excels when it comes to privacy as it features one main entrance door and two side doors for the other rooms. It features 6 windows for proper ventilation.


Editor's Rating: 8.8/10


  • Comes with a zipper carry bag which makes transportation way easier.
  • The ceiling is 6 feet high, which allows most people to stand around inside the tent, no problem.
  • Easy to assemble within a couple of minutes.
  • With 6 windows in total, you can expect the interior to be well-ventilated.


  • The dividers are a bit flimsy.
  • While the tent is water-resistant, it is not waterproof so heavy torrential rain will be a problem.


If you are looking for a spacious tent for the family at a reasonable price then the Ozark Trail Family Tent might be the one you are looking for. Just be advised that it is not made to handle heavy rainfall so plan ahead and make sure the weather is agreeable if you are planning on camping.

At a Glance…

As expected from a Coleman product, the Weather Master Tent is an impressive outdoors equipment. It is designed specifically for the summer season with its screened porch which allows the cool breeze in and keeps pesky insects out.

It can also handle the rainy season quite well thanks to the WeatherTec system which prevents water from flooding into the tent.


Editor's Rating: 8.2/10


  • The easy assembly can be done within 20-minutes even for first-time campers.
  • Screened porch is spacious enough to fit a table and a couple of chairs.
  • Well-ventilated to keep it cool during hot summer days.
  • It is water resistant.
  • Comes with a divider if you want separate rooms.
  • Mesh ceilings make it great for stargazing within the safety of the tent.


  • May leak during torrential downpours.
  • If you are setting it up solo then you might have some difficulties.
  • No interior hook or rack to hang items such as lamps.


The tent offers comfort and convenience but is designed primarily for use during summer. Water leakage will be an issue during heavy rainfall so I suggest you avoid using this tent during the rainy season. A friendly reminder for those interested as this tent weighs around 40 lbs.

Pop up tents vs standard tents, what's best for your needs?

Buying a new tent for your camping holidays is a big deal. You want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money, but when there is so much to choose from, how do you ultimately come to the best decision?

One of the biggest debates in the camping world centres on the pop-up tent versus the standard tent. Nobody can decide which is best – but the reality is, both have their positive and negative points. If you’re looking to purchase a new tent, but don’t know whether to go pop-up or standard, the information below should help you to come to a rational decision.

#1. Price

Generally, you will find that standard dome tents tend to be on the cheaper side, while you can pop-up tents to be slightly pricier. This is because pop-up tents are, on the whole, less convenient and lower in quality than standard dome tents. Price does vary from product to product, though, and when it comes down to it, you should focus on what’s the best value for money, and not what’s the cheapest.

#2. Weight

Because it doesn’t come with all the accessories and add-ons of a standard tent, a pop-up tent should usually be the far lighter option. If you’re planning on doing a bit of hiking to reach your camping location, and you need to carry your tent with you in your backpack, a pop-up tent will fit much more easily – and shouldn’t give you too much lower back strain. Pop-up tents also tend to be easier to fold up and store away, once you’ve got the hang of how to do it.

#3. Convenience

The reason why the pop-up tent has such a large following is fairly obvious: it is the easiest tent to set up by yourself. While a standard tent might take some getting your head around the pitching process, a pop-up tent will save you the fuss and inconvenience of spending hours with an instruction manual and a handful of poles. Brilliant if you’re tired from a long day of hiking and other activities, and just want to get settled down in your sleeping bag as fast as possible.

#4. Sturdiness

As can be expected, the addition of guy ropes in most standard dome tents make them far sturdier, and able to withstand the elements in a way that pop-up tents might struggle to do. High winds may cause stress on a pop-up tent, whereas a standard tent should channel the stress down the guy ropes and into the ground.

Ultimately, whether you opt for a pop-up tent or a standard tent really comes down to the purpose of your purchase. If your weekend away is set to see sun and low winds, or you’re camping in a semi-shaded or indoor area, a pop-up tent will definitely be the more convenient option of the two. For a die-hard camper, though, who’s used to roughing it up in the elements, a pop-up tent may not prove efficient and effective enough if the weather takes a turn.

Final Thoughts

If you want a reliable and comfortable tent for your family to stay in, then I highly recommend the Browning Camping Big Horn Family Tent. It is sturdy, waterproof, and spacious. Everything a family tent needs to be. It is also designed to be used on various types of terrain and environment. An all-around and reliable tent that can hold the whole family.

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