10 Exciting Games for Camping for All Ages

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Camping is one of the best activities you can do in your free time. Think about it: it’s affordable, it delivers some pretty unique experience, and it can be done by anyone of all ages. Plus, you can also incorporate some fun games for camping in there.

Now, don’t scoff at that idea and say that these games are for kids. Far from it, my friend. Some of these games are fun and not just in a nostalgic way. It’s actually interesting to step away from modern technology and go embrace what nature can offer.

10 Most Exciting Games for Camping for Everyone

For those interested in having a good fun with friends and family in the great outdoors, I’ll list some camping games that you can play. We will mix it up here and also get some modern games into the fray. Now, sit back and start writing down on your paper as I introduce to you the best games for camping that you can do today.

1. Campfire Storytelling

Let’s start off with a classic. If you have ever been on a camping trip then you know when night comes, huddling over a campfire that keeps the chill away is a ripe scenario for storytelling. That has been the classic atmosphere to begin a ghost story ever since.

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And what better ambiance to tell a scary tale than in a quiet, still, dark, and cold forest at night. Trust me, even a story that wouldn’t normally be considered that scary will be bone-chillingly terrifying when being told around a campfire.

2. Air Raid!

Games for camping 13

The rules of the game are simple. Make it to the finish line without getting hit by sponge pads being thrown by other players. The players will be split into two teams; the runners and the bombers. Bombers will be placed at specific points in the route. You can place six obstacles to be used as a shield for the runners. This is a fun and exhilarating game for both teens and adults alike.

3. Twenty Questions

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This one is a classic that is still definitely one of the most enjoyable campfire games around today. Based on a radio game show in the 1940’s which was then adapted to the TV show of the same name, Twenty Questions has proven itself to be quite a timeless game for all ages. The game is played with one person thinking of a specific subject of their choosing. The other players will then try to guess it with a series of yes or no questions. They will each have a 20-question limit to guess the subject. It is a fun little game, simple yet a bit complicated at the same time and will truly have the gears in your brain cranking.

4. Sleeping Bag Race

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This one is a variation of the sack race but is certainly a little tougher and more physically demanding. In this version, you get a couple of sleeping bags and have the players get inside. Once properly zipped up the race begins wherein they will need to crawl as fast as they can towards the finish line.

See the Funny Game right here...

Before you begin the race, it is best to make sure that the track is free of debris like twigs and rocks. You should look for an area with soft ground to make sure nobody gets hurt. This one is a little down and dirty, literally.

5. No Laughing Game

Games for camping 11

This one can get pretty riotous quickly. As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to make others laugh while you make sure that you don’t laugh yourself. Each player will take turns to make the others burst into laughter. Rules are simple if your teeth show you lose. I’ve always found this one a personal favorite whenever I’m with my mates as it can get pretty raunchy and hilarious. If you want simple good old fun then this could be a good idea if you are camping with friends.

6. Stargazing

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Another activity that you can do to relax and just marvel at the skies above. If you have children who are also into astronomy then you have a little game wherein they will need to find certain constellations or maybe one of our solar system’s planet. It’s educational, it’s fun, and it’s incredibly awe-inspiring.

7. Jenga!

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You all know the block stacking game, right? How about a life-sized version? You can play this indoors and outdoors but just to be safe I suggest you play it outside. You can find a giant sized Jenga at certain toy stores or you can order one online. Check this Giant Jenga set if you’re interested. It’s quite challenging and exciting. Kids and adults alike will also get a kick out of this giant-sized Jenga.

8. Shooting Gallery

Bring a couple of pellet guns/airsoft rifle along with you. If you will be having kids tag along then you should first orient them with safety precautions and have them wear safety goggles.

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Now, we won’t be having any kind of war games here. Instead, we will be using anything we can find lying around as target practice. You can set up a firing range where there will be targets of various sizes. You can even put on your very own shooting range/obstacle course for a real challenge. If you’re looking for a good airsoft gun then check out the Smith and Wesson M&P Airgun.

9. Bird Watching

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This is something for the nature lovers out there. If you plan on camping in a diverse area with various types of species then make sure to bring a binocular. Seeing exotic birds and other animals within their natural habitat are better than seeing them trapped in cages at the zoo. A good quality binocular like the Bushnell Falcon Binoculars is a great choice for nature watching due to its Instafocus features that help focus on moving targets.

10. A Classic Game of Catch

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Need to pass the time? How about a game of catch? You have a great selection of games at your fingertips as long as you have a ball. Maybe a game of dodgeball to get the blood pumping? A relaxing game of catch is also great for kids as it can help develop their hand eye coordination and reflexes. That’s why I always bring a ball with me whenever I go camping. An extra ball for my dog to play fetch with too.

Tips on Planning Fun Camping Activities and Games

Now, planning on camping games will depend on several factors. You have to think of who the participants will be. Are they children, adults or a combination of both? Once you have that figured out then you will also need to know the area where the campsite is located. Are there lakes there? If there is then you can plan your activities around that.

You should consider how long the game will last. Maybe your itinerary is already filled with only a couple of hours left to fill. Which games would perfectly fit that slot? Get a good grasp of everyone’s preferred activity. Maybe not all are fans of physically strenuous games and prefer something that requires a quick wit. You can bring a board game if you wish.

There are literally dozens to choose from. Ranging from classic board games to new but equally entertaining ones. It all depends on who will participate. Personally, I always enjoyed playing Cards Against Humanity but I must warn you that this game is definitely not for kids and those easily offended.

Games for camping 9

If you will be planning games for children, something that is educational or requires physical participation is a good idea to build upon. Some games will require several props so plan accordingly. You should also focus on teamwork and creativity for children’s games. I also prefer something that teaches them responsibility when it comes to caring for the environment.

Finally, all camping games should be centered around having fun and learning a thing or two about the environment. It’s not about who wins and who loses. At the end of the day, it is the experience that we will remember the most so it is best that we make it a fun and memorable one, right? There is room and time to for serious competition and while it is not bad to be competitive, you should know that the focus of camping is simply having fun.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning games for camping, it is best to build it around safety and fun. Unlike party games that you conduct indoors or on your lawn, camping games will need proper preparation. You will be in an environment that you cannot control so it is best be prepared at all times.

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Check the recommended seasons to visit specific campsites to ensure your experience won’t be muddled, literally, by a sudden thunderstorm. Hopefully, you enjoyed this little article and learned a thing or two about planning a fun camping trip with either your friends or family. Comment down below if you have any interesting experience to share related to this topic and as always stay safe!

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