Best Paracord Bracelet Buying Guide For This Year’s Selection

Paracord bracelet is a survival gear that has become quite popular in the past couple of years. One of the biggest draws of this accessory is that other than being nice to look at, it also has some practical use.

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It started with soldiers, firefighters and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a convenient way to carry some additional sturdy 550 cord. Convenience is the mother of invention and now this simple practice has developed into a worthwhile business investment for some. It has also become an essential gear for campers as you never know when you need that extra 550 durable cord.

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Uses of Paracord Bracelets

There are literally dozens of possible uses for paracord bracelets. Basically, anything that requires you to tie something together will make absolute use of a 550 cord thanks to its durability. Now, since your paracord bracelet is made of 550 cords then you basically have access to a decent length of this sturdy line at all times. I’ll list down some of my personal favorite uses of paracord bracelets just to give you an idea.

#1. You Can Use It as A Tourniquet

Injury is the last thing you want when going on an outdoor activity but sometimes it just cannot be avoided. Let’s say you accidentally slipped and sprained your ankle; you can grab a piece of stick anywhere but how will you be able to secure it properly? Your paracord bracelet can take care of that.

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#2. Quick Replacement for Boot Laces and Belts

You can never know when your gear might suddenly breakdown. It would be handy to have a quick substitute for each of your specific outdoor gear when the case arises.


550 cords can also be used to hold together certain gear. For example, if you boot lace were to snap you can replace it with your paracord. Don’t have a belt? Use a 550 cord. In the wilds, you need to make optimum use of everything on hand to survive.

#3. You Can Use It to Build a Makeshift Shelter

In the instance when you have no access to a tent or a readily made shelter then your next course of action is to make one yourself. This is one of the most important survival knowledge: making your own shelter. You can do so by collecting logs, sticks and leaves. How will you be able to tie them together though? Thankfully you have your paracord bracelet to fall back to.

There are many ways to make your makeshift shelter, the simplest way is the “lean-to” makeshift shelter. Again, all you need is a couple of tough branches and logs to form the frame and leaves to use as the tarp. Secure the sticks and logs with a paracord and get yourself a good night’s rest under the night sky.

#4. For Acquiring Food

There are many ways to incorporate paracord 550 when it comes to hunting food. You can use it to set up homemade traps, you can use it to make a bow and arrow (with the quiver also to carry it properly) or you can use it as a line for fishing.

Check for some way to hunt animals by setting up simple trap, and of course, by using some sticks & strings...

And you know what? 

There are more than 100 ways for you to use the paracord bracelet... 

What to Look for In a Paracord Bracelet

Now, there are several types of commercial paracord bracelets you can find, each with their own specific features. Don’t get overwhelmed by this and know that there are 4 main aspects of a paracord bracelet that you must first distinguish. These 4 key aspects are the foundations of what makes a high-quality survival bracelet.

1. Durability

Now, don’t believe the claims of most products on face value. While some say their product is military grade, it is best to know what exactly this means. Inquire the minimum weight that these cords can support. The minimum should be at 500 pounds, the higher the weight limit the better.


2. Fire Starter 

This is a pretty common feature for paracord bracelets. Make sure that your survival bracelet comes with a flint or a fire-starting kit. This is the standard and all paracord bracelet should have this feature.

3. Comfort

While the main focus of this equipment is in its practical use during outdoor activities, it should also deliver comfort and to a lesser extent, a sense of style. You will most likely wear this 24/7 during camping trips so make sure the cord it uses does not cause any kind of irritations to your skin.


4. High Quality Construction

There are different types of knots to choose from in paracord bracelets. Each with their own unique look. You have to ensure that the knot used is sturdy and won’t loosen. You should also make sure that the locking mechanism of the bracelet is reliable and won’t unhook at inopportune moments.

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5. Additional Features

Based on what you need, you can check different types of paracord bracelets that offer various unique features. There are bracelets that come packed with a compass, flint and a fishing line among other things. Know the lay of the land of your chosen camping ground and learn what your equipment you will need for that location.

Take a look at some unique features of paracord bracelet

Top 5 Best Paracord Bracelets

Now then, let us move on to the list of best paracord bracelets available in the market today, shall we? These products were chosen based on their quality, feature, price and overall customer ratings.

This stylish looking paracord bracelet comes in black, green and army green camo colors. The paracord is made of polyester making it both durable and water resistant. The product comes with 4 extra pins so you get a couple extra for if you lose your current bracelet pin. The paracord measures up to 9.45” and is 1.18” thick. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which is a nice touch.


  • As the advertised, the cord is indeed extra beefy and should deliver increased overall durability.
  • The bracelet feels sturdy and snug.
  • The polyester paracord feels nice and doesn’t offer any kind of chafing over the skin.
  • Extremely durable buckle and the pin locks in tight.
  • The extra pins should ease your mind in the instance you lose the default pin lock.


  • The finish on the buckle tends to wear off over time.


  • Overall, The Friendly Swede Trilobite Paracord Bracelet fits the description of what a survival bracelet should deliver. While it does not offer any other special features, it is a tough and reliable cord for when you need one during your camping trips.

This entry is a perfect example of what a paracord bracelet will look like if given all the extra features possible. Does it make it the best choice though? The X-Plore Paracord Bracelet can be considered a mini survival kit thanks to the multitude of functionalities that it offers.

The bracelet comes with a small compass, a mini scraper that you can use as a knife, a flint for starting fire and a whistle.


  • Sturdy construction. It can withstand numerous trips outdoors without missing a beat.
  • The paracord is also incredibly durable and tough.
  • Three sizes to choose from: 102 inches up to 127 inches.
  • It is a multifunctional survival bracelet that should cover a lot of ground in terms of usability.


  • I have read several customer complaints about the compass. It appears that some does not work properly or at all.
  • The flint is rather hard to use and generate a spark.


  • The X-Plore Gear Emergency Paracord Bracelet, on paper, should deliver the best quality and performance. However, certain issues hinder it from reaching the top of the heap. That being said, it is still a well-made survival bracelet that should be on your short list of choices. Hopefully, you will get one that manages to avoid the issues that plagued other customers.

The Gerber Bear Grylls paracord bracelet utilizes a simple design but it definitely meets the requirements in terms of overall durability and reliability. It incorporates easy to use functionality with its one-hand size adjustment feature and will most likely fit every wrist size comfortably. The cord is 12 feet in length and also includes a whistle.


  • It is lightweight and compact yet does not lose any of its durability.
  • Extremely easy to use with its simple functionality. Can be easily adjusted with one hand.
  • It is quite comfortable and I can see myself wearing this every day without having any chafing.
  • A perfect paracord bracelet for kids, due to its lightweight design.


  • The cord stretches and would most likely experience some wear and tear down the line. This is based on my own personal experience using stretchable paracords.
  • Don’t expect this to be in tip top shape after a year or two, depending on the regularity of your use.


  • All in all, the Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Bracelet is good but not exactly the pinnacle of survival bracelets. It is a good choice for children who want to go camping as it is easy to use. However, don’t expect it to measure up with military grade paracord bracelets.

Personally, this is one paracord bracelet that you need to keep an eye out for. It features Titan’s patented Survivor Cord technology. It incorporates the trilobite weave pattern giving it a decent length of 11 feet. The cord utilizes MIL-SPEC 550 cord and features a fishing line, waxed jute for starting fires and a snare wire.


  • High quality construction and material.
  • Is designed for multipurpose use outdoors.
  • The package comes with an additional pin for if you lose the default one.


  • It might feel a bit bulky for those with slimmer wrists.
  • The heavy-duty design and construction of the Titan Paracord Bracelet might make it a bit unwieldly and slightly uncomfortable for some.


  • Overall, the Titan Paracord Survival Bracelet is definitely one of the top tiers in this category. It is simple and reliable. A quality that is a necessity for survival bracelets. It should offer more than enough uses for both beginner and experienced campers alike.

Definitely one that stands out in terms of aesthetics, the Last Man Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit Bracelet earns its moniker. It comes with 16 additional features for outdoor survival: swivels, egg sinkers, fire starter kit, safety pins, fish hook, a compass, and many more.

There is a variation that removes the compass if you are not interested in that feature. The survival bracelet uses nylon paracord cordage and comes in different colors to choose from.


  • A whole slew of survival features that will definitely come in handy for outdoor lovers.
  • Uses liquid filled compass which makes it more accurate.
  • Great overall design and construction for both comfort and durability.


  • A whole slew of survival features that will definitely come in handy for outdoor lovers.
  • Uses liquid filled compass which makes it more accurate.
  • Great overall design and construction for both comfort and durability.
  • Due to its increased durability, this paracord bracelet might feel stiff on the wrist.
  • The design and construction makes it quite large. Might be a turn off for slimmer or smaller users.


  • The multitude of features included in this paracord bracelet makes it a great choice for when you are planning an outdoor trip. It is basically the Swiss Army Knife of the paracord bracelets. It is also well-made and the additional features all work and are quite dependable as well.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I would have to say that it is a toss-up between The Friendly Swede Trilobite and The Last Man Ultimate Paracord Survival Kit. Although I would tip my hat towards The Friendly Swede. This conclusion comes from the Friendly Swede Paracord’s impeccable quality in both chosen material and construction. While the Last Man paracord definitely wins in terms of overall functionality, the Swede paracord bracelet beats it in terms of reliability.

To an experienced and trained outdoor enthusiast, the Swede will definitely do. For beginners then The  Last Man Survival Bracelet will offer them a certain degree of comfort and security.

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