Best Places to Go Metal Detecting

Metal detecting can be a fun activity, and if you learn how to do it right, you can’t wait till the next time you are out exploring. Other than getting the best metal detector for you, you need to know the best places to go hunting. Exciting areas that are guaranteed to give you a lot to explore keep the treasure hunt enjoyable so you can do it for hours. There are so many places you are guaranteed to get excellent finds. However, the best places to go metal detecting depend on your interests. The following are some of the most popular sites to make your trip enjoyable.

Fishing Lakes

So many people of all ages go fishing all the time, and that is why around lakes would be an excellent place to get exciting finds. Other than common items such as coins and jewelry, you can get interesting fishing flies that you can repurpose for fishing. It is easy to lose something when you go fishing or when relaxing at the shores, so check the places where people can lay down or place their stuff.

Other than searching around the shores of the lake you can choose to search for treasures under the water. For this you will need a waterproof detector and pinpointer that remains water resistant up to 10 feet under the water. This is an excellent way to find objects that can be quite valuable which you may otherwise not have found. It may take some time to detect and dig up objects underwater which is why you need a really good device and some patience. Alternate between searching underwater and on the ground to maximize your finds.

Check that there are no snakes in or near the lake to avoid unwanted incidences and you should be good to explore. Ensure that you have permission from the relevant authority if you want to go searching around a lake.


Areas that generally get a lot of human traffic are havens for getting treasures. These are perfect places, mainly because you diversify the kind of items you find, and it is almost impossible to get into trouble while looking there. Look for hidden paths such as hike trails or places where you can find a lot of people on most days. To ensure that you won’t have any issues with people using the path, check for days when there are fewer people, such as Sundays. It is great to have the extra help of a pinpointer in such locations since there can be a lot of conflicting signals.

War Sites

Whether it is bullet shells, buttons, arrowheads, or personal trinkets, there is a lot to find at a battle site. Search for some around your area, especially those hidden spots that haven't been explored as much. You can find a lot of items that may have historical significance so you can have them as keepsakes. This is an excellent way of encouraging children to develop an interest in history. However, ensure not to take anything you are not sure about, such as old explosives as they may be dangerous to you. Always report any hazardous looking items to the authorities and don't take home anything potentially dangerous.

Lonely Towns

Once the economic and social viability of a city no longer exists, people often desert it and look for a home elsewhere. This is very common, and while you cannot live in such a town alone, it makes for an excellent place to go metal detecting. It can be a perfect spot for you to explore for days, even if the village or town isn't too big.

To avoid wasting too much time, look for areas where there were things such as parks, lakes, and markets. Such places are bound to have interesting finds that can even give you insight into what the people were all about. A simple internet search should adequately direct you.


Whether it is a general family park or a children's one, you are bound to find a thing or two that you like. This goes for lawns that are being actively used and those that are deserted. Those places not in use are always better since it is likely that they won’t have any rules about digging. Always start your search ion places where people frequent, such as the footpaths around the location and near benches. Always enquire from the responsible parties before you start digging up, so you avoid some trouble.

Camping Sites

Next time you are going on a camping trip, do not forget to carry your metal detector since campsites are perfect treasure hunting grounds. Given that so many people explore the grounds with many always leaving and losing their belongings, it is an ideal spot to get great finds. If the property is near some woods, a beach, or a lake, it is even more perfect since it gives you a lot more to work with. Remember to enquire about rules against digging, if any, and areas where you are not allowed to go exploring.

How Do You Find the Best Metal Detecting Locations?

Other than the stated areas, there are a lot more places where you can go metal detecting. The following should help you identify such sites:

  • Locations where a lot of people frequent.
  • Historical sites such as areas where individual communities lived.
  • Conflict grounds.
  • Abandoned places, homes, and churches.
  • A neighbor's back or front yard, with their permission.
  • School grounds during holidays.
  • Fields where events are held.

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Final Words

You may not have a lot of the top places to go treasure hunting within your location, but the most important thing is to identify areas where people may have lost or left some items. Ensure that you use metal detecting aids such as pinpointers, especially in treasure crowded places, so that you can maximize your time. Take time to do your research and get the relevant permissions before going metal detecting. Remember always to follow the regulations so as not to get into trouble with the authorities.

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