The Best Pressure Washer PSI for Vinyl Siding

Maintaining the cleanliness of the vinyl exterior of your home will boost the aesthetics of your house and its surroundings. Even the low maintenance kind of vinyl siding needs to be taken care of at least once a year or more in case that your home is located near a dusty field or a busy road. In order to clean a vinyl siding of your house, you might want to opt to use a pressure washer. The best pressure washer for the money will help you reap all the benefits a pressure washer can offer.

In order to clean a vinyl siding of your house, you might want to opt to use a pressure washer. This reviews will help you reap all the benefits a pressure washer can offer.

Using a pressure washer to clean the siding of your house will need a lot of preparations. You need to look out for the pressure washing tools and attachments required. You also need to be informed about how to do the job so that you can be safe while using the best pressure washer psi for vinyl siding.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Pressure Washer PSI for Vinyl Siding

With the right pressure washer, correct attachments along with the detergents to use, you can finish cleaning the vinyl siding of your house in one sitting. The following are things you might want to consider to achieve the best pressure washer psi for vinyl washing:


#1. GPM and PSI

If cleaning the vinyl siding or any part of your house is the only reason why you opt for a pressure washer, then you might want something with at least 2.3 GPM. Pressure washers with 2.3 GPM usually have a range of 2,600 PSI or more. The PSI and GPM determine the cleaning capacity of the pressure washer. A unit in the high-pressure category is best suited for vinyl siding. 

#2. Gas Vs. Electric-Powered

Among the two options, the most ideal pressure washer to use for cleaning a vinyl siding is a medium to heavy-duty gas-powered one. If your house is big, then the span of the vinyl siding is also wide, making the cleaning job difficult to do.

Heavy-duty gas powered pressure washer usually has a higher water pressure (PSI) and flow rate (GPM). A higher flow rate means that you can easily get the job done in just a few hours. You can also use a high-pressure electric-powered pressure washer; however, it would take a longer time.

#3. Nozzle to Use

To apply the detergent, you need to use the black soaping nozzle. After which, you can start using the nozzle tips with a narrower angle. For pressure washing a vinyl house siding, you can use a 25-degree nozzle tip or a 15-degree nozzle tip. In cases when the water pray jets can’t reach the entire vinyl siding, you will need an extension wand to clean the higher part of the vinyl siding to avoid using a ladder.

The Best Pressure Washer PSI for Vinyl Siding (3 Top-Notch Units)

If you are looking for a pressure washer to clean the vinyl siding of your house, these are the products you might want to look out for:

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Joe 2030


One of the best electric pressure washers for car detailing is the Sun Joe SPX3000. This electric pressure washer model is best used for cleaning tasks, ranging from light to medium with a flow rate of 1.76 GPM and 2,030 PSI.

This unit also claims that it can handle heavy-duty cleaning job; however, with its flow rate and its corresponding PSI, it is more suited for car detailing and other light to medium duty tasks. This model also comes with 5 replacement nozzles that can be found at its back.

Being a lightweight pressure washer, the users of this model also love its versatile spray tip. It also comes with a soap dispenser for an added cleaning convenience.

2. Karcher K2000 Electric Power Washer


The Karcher K2000 is noted as a pressure washer with exceptional ease of use. With its built-in pressurized hose reel, it stores a 25-feet hose attachment intact. With a flow rate of 1.3 GPM and 2000 PSI, Karcher K2000 is actually compatible with most of the pressure washer attachments and accessories. This model also comes with 3 nozzles: a 15-degree nozzle tip, a turbo nozzle, and a detergent nozzle— all of which are useful when cleaning your vinyl siding.

Another great thing about this Karcher K2000 is that there are no extra tools needed to assemble it. Its handle can also be folded for a compact and easy storage, making it one of the best Karcher pressure washer for cars and home use.

3. Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S


Simpson Cleaning MSH3125-S is also one of the food options for the best pressure washer for vinyl siding. This model is a gas-powered pressure washer with a flow rate of 2.5 GPM and a maximum water pressure of 3,200 PSI. It is suitable for a heavy-duty cleaning job, and also one of the common choices of pressure washer for industrial use.

This model also includes 5 nozzle tips and a detergent siphon tube with a filter. Another great spec of this model is that it can clean 10-year old grime and dirt, so you can expect a good as new vinyl siding for your house.


A pressure washer is a versatile cleaning tool. Using this power tool to clean your vinyl siding is a smart decision but requires the right water pressure to prevent damages. We hope this article is able to guide you in choosing the best pressure washer PSI for vinyl siding, as well as the right nozzle tips to use.

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