Best Water Bottles – A Great Way to Keep Hydrated Outdoors

For camping and hiking, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have the best water bottle possible in your pocket during these activities. However, not just any water bottle will do. You have to be careful in that you don’t choose one that uses harmful chemical materials in the bottle itself.

To help you along the way, I’ll give you my list of the best water bottles around in the market at the moment. Afterwards, I will give you a couple of pointers about the advantages of a water bottle as well as some guidelines on what to look for.

Our Pick for the Best Water Bottles

Now, you just need to take a look at this table and I will explain later about the criteria and why I choose each product for which reason 🙂 Enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Water Bottles

Now that we have the list top water bottles in the land out of the way, I’d like to dole out more information to help you know what to look for in a water bottle. The problem with going for the cheapest water bottle in the market is that you don’t really know how safe it is.

How to Choose the Best Water Bottles

Plastic chemicals can pervade your drinks over time. The risk doubles if you regularly store hot liquid inside the bottle. The best way to avoid contaminating your drink with harmful chemicals is knowing what to look for in your water bottle. You should also get the best water purifier and best water filter to further ensure your drinking water is clean as possible.

Water Bottles – What to Look for

For campers, hikers, or simply those who will be hydrating often throughout the day, having a water bottle is a smart and cost-effective option you should consider. Rather than buying bottled water every couple of hours, it’s best to simply have a quality water bottle that you can refill at a water dispenser.

best Water Bottles – What to Look for

So, how do you choose which water bottle on the shelf is the best? Read on, friend.

1. Look for high durability – Always go for water bottles that have higher than average durability. Cheap ones are usually made of cheap materials and can easily develop cracks with just one drop. Look for water bottles that utilize high-quality food grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic materials. You can also never go wrong with going for a glass water bottle but these ones are not advisable for hiking activities.

2. Avoid ones that leak – As you will be placing your water bottle inside your bag, it is important that you make sure it doesn’t leak. It will not only leave you with no source of hydration but could also ruin your items, gear, and gadgets inside your bag.

3. Convenience – The main advantage of water bottles is that they give you a refreshing drink anywhere at any time. The lid or bottle cap should be easy to open and close. Pick one that has a few parts and are does not have an overly complicated design. It should be something that can be opened and closed within a couple of seconds.

4. Know how much drink you need – This one is a bit tricky as each person consumes their drink differently. I actually know a couple of people who can bottoms up the full content of their water bottle in one impressive chug. However, I found out that the best range for a water bottle is within the 473 ml (16 ounces) to 700 ml (24 ounces).

5. Choose one that is not cumbersome – You should consider the overall weight of your water bottle, especially if you plan on bringing it on a hike. Essentially, stainless-steel and glass bottle will be the heavier set while plastic ones are lighter. You should consider the weight of the bottle once full as well. If you’re carrying light, a stainless steel or glass water bottle won’t make a difference. On the other hand, if you are already carrying a significant weight you should be mindful about increasing that weight further if you are in for a long hike under the sun.

6. If it fits – Consider where you will put the water bottle most of the time. You don’t want to get one that takes up a considerable amount of space in your bag. A safe bet is to go for a water bottle that can fit nicely in your car’s cup holder. Most of the ones that fit in your cup holder are quite compact.

7. Check the taste – This is of course about the common issue that plagues a lot of the cheaper water bottles. Some leave a strange taste in your drink which is a deal breaker for some. I for one don’t like that chemical taste in my drinking water. Make sure you clean and maintain your water bottle properly to prevent this from happening.

8. Consider where and how you will use it – This is the very foundation of your decision in choosing a water bottle. Think about where you will use it often. Will you be using it during work? A glass and stainless-steel water bottle should suffice there. If you’re going for hiking then stainless-steel or BPA-free plastic water bottles is a good option. Take every scenario into account to make the most out of your water bottle.

The Best Water Bottles You Will Ever Need (HERE'S WHY...)

I guess that all of you now know how to pick a great water bottle for yourself but it will take a bit of time to search for all kinds of bottles on the market right now. How lucky! Me, my wife, my kids, my parents and grandparents, ... We have gone through some very big moments with our own favourite bottles. I ask them and I ask myself, too. Here is the list: 

Now, I'll explain why I choose these bottle and some purposes behind that choice. Let's take a look!

If you are looking at your local sporting goods store for a water bottle then you have most likely seen the CamelBak brand more than once.

This is actually great news considering that CamelBak is my highly recommended brand when it comes to outdoor hydration gear.

If you’ve ever been on a hike or a camping expedition then you know that it can sometimes get unbearably hot.


Editor's Rating: 9.5/10

Obviously, I can’t bring any cooler with me so I simply expect the ice in my water bottle to last as long as possible.

The CamelBak Podium Chill gives a solution to this issue by utilizing double-walled insulation within the water bottle. This helps keep the cold air in while keeping the hot air out.

Of course, if you need one that has amazing insulation, a stainless-steel bottle with similar double-walled insulation will do nicely.

But why did I choose this as my most recommended? Simple, the CamelBak Podium Chill offers additional features that help push it above the competition.

Additional features include the patented “Jet Valve” sealing technology which allows for a quick and easy drink on the go. This “Jet Valve” technology also ensures that leaks will be a non-issue.

I also enjoy the fact that this water bottle is squeezable to help you get that quick burst of ice cold water whenever you need it.


  • Amazing insulation to keep liquids cold or warm for long periods of time.
  • No plastic smells.
  • The great sealing capability of the valve.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Easy to squeeze.
  • One of the more affordable water bottles around.


  • None to mention.

In the instance where you can’t find a CamelBak water bottle then there’s another noteworthy alternative within the same price range that you can choose.

The Nalgene Tritan Water Bottle is a simple and reliable water bottle you can bring along your hike or during a short camping trip.


Editor's Rating: 9.2/10

The plastic bottle is impressively durable which is a factor you definitely want for an outdoor gear. It is also lightweight and compact that it won’t take up too much space.

You can also choose from a variety of colors which is a nice aesthetic addition, might I add.

This water bottle is also extremely safe and is BPA-free so no need to worry about drinking harmful chemicals. I also like that it comes with a 1-year warranty and a 1-month guarantee.

The water bottle is easy to clean as well, just a simple water and soap will do.


  • A highly flexible water bottle that can be used for most outdoor activities.
  • Chemical free and safe.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not made for handling freezing and heating. Don’t put this in a microwave or a freezer.

If you need something a bit more affordable you can check out the Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle. As the name suggests, this one can keep the temperature inside the water bottle for a prolonged length of time.

It also utilizes the double-walled design and also includes a thermal barrier to further increase its insulation capabilities.


Editor's Rating: 9.0/10

This water bottle is also BPA-free so no need to worry about harmful chemicals. The wide mouth design of the bottles makes adding ice easy.

The bottle is also compact and lightweight and fits perfectly in my bicycle’s water bottle holder.


  • Well insulated thanks to its double-walled construction and the thermal barrier.
  • Wide mouth design makes adding ice and filling it with water quick and easy.
  • Compact design allows it to be placed inside car and bike bottle holders.


  • Insulation does not match up to ones from more established brands.
  • You need to clean it properly or else it might develop molds.
  • Initial drink left a plastic taste.

This is quite possibly among the most highly regarded brands when it comes to outdoor water bottles. I also have a couple of these water bottles at home for my family and I have to admit that it’s a worthwhile water bottle.

It’s more expensive than your standard water bottle but it makes up for it in overall quality. This water bottle is impressively light and compact. It doesn’t take too much space or add any noticeable weight to your bag which is a huge plus for hikers.


Editor's Rating: 9.3/10

It comes with a loop cap which is a nice little addition as I can hook it up on my belt buckle if I need the extra space in my backpack. Each bottle can be filled up to 20 ounces of your preferred drink and comes in 20 different color schemes.

The Klean Kanteen is double-walled and is constructed using top quality industry food-grade stainless steel. It seals quite nicely from the cap so no need to worry about any leakage. The Klean Kanteen is BPA-free and the interior is made of 100% stainless-steel.


  • High quality, food-grade stainless steel prevents mold and stain accumulation.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Double-walled construction insulation means your drinking water will retain its temperature for a longer period of time.
  • Comes with 20 color schemes to choose from.


  • None to mention.

A trusted and well-known brand, Thermos has been around for decades perfecting their craft. The Thermos Stainless King Water Bottle is tough as nails water bottle that has top of the line insulation as well.

Their patented vacuum seal ensures that the contents of the water bottle will stay the same temperature throughout the whole day, whether cold or hot.


Editor's Rating: 9.1/10

Both the exterior and interior of this water bottle is made of industrial grade materials. The outer casing also maintains a cool temperature even if you fill it with boiling hot water.

The lid can also be used as your drinking cup, a signature feature of Thermos products.


  • Extremely durable construction.
  • High-quality insulation helps maintain the temperature within the bottle for 24 hours.
  • Pleasing aesthetics with its metallic finish.


  • Complaints that its heat retention capability degrades over time. Sooner than expected.

If you need something you can use in the kitchen and is completely safe for microwave use then the Tervis Water Bottle is a good choice.

I have a couple of Tervis water bottles at home a couple of years back for my children when they were still babies. It’s a good way to have some warm water for their milk in a jiffy.


Editor's Rating: 8.8/10

Although you have to remember to take off the lid if you put it in the microwave oven. If you’re freezing it you should keep the lid on. It’s also BPA-free which is why I and my wife chose this product for our kids.


  • A great water bottle for kitchen use.
  • Double-walled construction helps maintain the temperature within the bottle.


  • There’s a reason why I chose this for kitchen use primarily, and that reason is that it is susceptible to leaks.


Overall, water bottles are essential for those who are constantly on the go and is an important part of any camper or hiker’s gear. In this regard, I highly consider the CamelBak Podium Big Chill Insulated Water Bottle to be the clear winner in terms of reliability, safety, and quality. It’s reasonably priced, it is BPA-free, it features double-walled insulation, and the patented jet valve lid helps ensure that there will be no leakage whatsoever.

Best Water Bottles are essential

Hopefully, you found this article to be extremely helpful in giving you an idea of how to choose the best water bottles as well as having a shortlist of the current premier products in the market today. If you have anything to add feel free to write it down in the comment’s section and share this with other campers as well.

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