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Game hunting has been a food resource since ancient times. This activity has become a sport enjoyed by many men and women, and is often a tradition of the family. It also includes many different types of big game hunting; bow hunting, rifle hunting, and muzzleloader. All of which require different types of gear, and depends on what time of year you are hunting. Some of the best big game hunting gear you'll find here.


Of course, the good things you'll need for bow hunting is a bow. You can buy all of these items at your local sports store. You'll need camouflage clothes to cover yourself underbrush while spying on your prey. Another thing you might consider is elk calls, and these can be very productive in your big game call. Make sure you have all the weather fitting clothing you'll need. This depends on the weather forecast for the region you are going to hunt in. Some of that may include hats, gloves, coats, and boots.


Most rifle hunts start late in the fall when the weather gets colder. This may be annoying for you, but it's a perfect time to find the big game you're looking for. While target hunting the best gear for big game hunting includes a good rifle. Make sure the gun you're happy with is this. You may choose a smaller calibre for some of the ladies, so the kick isn't so bad. This period of climate change the weather can change very quickly. Make sure to be well fitted with warm clothes and layered wear. It's easier to take off clothes in this situation than to put them on. You'll want to buy orange hunting clothes, and this is a necessity to keep you safe from other hunters.


Muzzleloading equipment is much the same as rifle gear, although a muzzleloader gun is required. You will need to make sure you've got the right equipment for this sort of chase. The best equipment with a muzzleloader for big game hunting includes the orange hat, a muzzleloader rifle, the right ammunition, and weather-appropriate clothing.


A crucial aspect of hunting is this. Although you need the right weapon for the type of hunt you're doing, it's essential to have the right equipment in your backpack. Your backpack really should have enough for 1-2 days when heading out for a day hunt. It is better to have more than you need, rather than not enough.



Comfortable and Strong Backpack — First aid kit— Flashlight— Fire Starting Equipment — Poncho— Warm Hat— Long Johns— Gloves — Handheld Saw (for blind or fire cutting animal bone or tree branches) — Food and Snacks — Water— Water Purification Tablets— Glow Stick— GPS (Good to have a compass and a map)— Elk Hunter Binoculars — Few Different Knives.


Bow or Rifle— Pistol (for self-defense if Archery hunting, make sure it's legal in your state) — Spectrum Finder — Khaki Hat, Pants & Shirt — Bugle Tube (If Elk Hunting) — Hot Socks — Khaki Jacket — Great chase boots (the best are comfortable and water-resistant) — Pocket Knife — Bag with Driver's License, Hunting License and Tag (for animal hunting), Cell phone (Put it into silence or turn it off, if there is no network coverage)


To succeed in a hunt, you need to know where the animals are and how they travel. There are a great many various ways to do that. I usually enjoy going to my hunting location a few weeks to a month before the hunt to see how the animals move. I find game trails (actual animal trails, and yes, they like to make things as simple as humans do) and walk them through finding out if they're used.


It is equally important for animals as water is important for humans. This may not be that relevant if you are in an area that gets rain every day, or that standing water is everywhere. This is important in some hunting places. Though it may rain all day long, a day or two later, the ground will be dry. There are many times forest service built tanks for animals to drink from as well as valleys where water can pool, or even small streams. It is just as important when you're scouting water as finding where the animals are moving.


This is extremely important and the reason I was most likely unsuccessful on elk hunt last year. When it comes to hunting, practice, practice and practice make perfect are two very significant sayings. When it comes to archery hunting, this is even more important. It's great to be able to set a target and calculate or range your distance. Each time hit a bull's eye, but when you're hunting this doesn't always translate into a strike!

You are pounding your heart when you have an object in your sights or scope, and the adrenaline is through the roof. This is difficult to replicate but better to train in conditions of high adrenaline if possible. You'll also want to practice in odd positions and with obstacles. Last year, I had only one shot (the one I hit but didn't get) whenever I got a clear shot and I could use my elk hunter binoculars to locate it. Many shots are short shots, branch-and-stick shots in your way or even from sitting, kneeling and prone positions.


It is more of a precaution for health, but it can be beneficial. For the most part, I'd say camping and going on a long hunt alone isn't wise. If you can, bring people with you, and other cars. Our hunting camp last year had a guy walking up to it and asking us for help. After a bad week, he had decided to come camping and let off some steam. His vehicle wouldn't start, and we couldn't help him get it going. 

He was all alone and had no coverage over the cell phone where we are. We could give him a lift on the highway to the next bus stop so he could speak to his wife and find a way to get his truck towed or at least repaired. He was lucky we had camped about half a mile away from him. It could have become an actual problem in a more isolated location.


Your state's hunting regulations can change from year to year, so make sure to check for any changes from the previous year. The Game and Fish may have changed law or redrawn the borders of the units. Not that long ago, I remember one of the changes in AZ is that you are now allowed to carry a self-defense weapon with you even when you're practicing archery. The pistol cannot be used for hunting but self-defense only.


At the moment we are not being forced by hunting to get our food, so make it not only a learning opportunity but also an enjoyable experience. Hunting is a cool sport of camaraderie. Some of the best moments I've had during hunting and camping, just think about it and just sit around the flames. Normally we're going to take off to go hunting for a whole week, and it's relaxing to be away from all the sounds and pace of life as it is now.


Great variety of the best gear for big game hunting comes in. You must take all the necessary equipment for all your hunts. You want to be sure that you have emergency equipment and food for every chase, this is in case you get lost or trapped in the area you're hunting. You want to get the right ammo for the weapon you're carrying. Binoculars are a tremendous asset to have with you and help you see your big game before they see you. When hunting big game, take all the necessary precautions and the most important thing to remember is to hunt safely.

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