Camping and Hunting? Key Things to Take With You

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You probably know the joys of going on a camping and hunting trip - being able to enjoy the wilderness air, seeing the wildlife stop to watch you as you make your way, and spending time with loved ones. If you want to have a great camping and hunting trip, bear in mind what things you should bring along with you.

Remember To Bring These Basic Items

​1. Tent

Tent - no perfect camping and hunting trip would exist if you don’t have at least a tent. Even if you have checked the weather forecast for the area and it seems sunny and fine, you should have a waterproof tent with you that can comfortably accommodate everyone in the group. If there are more people in your group than can fit in one tent, bring more than one just in case it rains. Don’t forget to make sure the tents have waterproof liners to protect you from rainwater.

2. Bug repellent

Bug repellent - yes, the outdoors is least, until insects think it would be wonderful to join your group - then it becomes a hassle. So always bring enough bug repellent lotion or spray to last until it is time to come home.

3. Sleeping bags

Sleeping bags - you want these to be waterproof, or at least to have a waterproof liner in the bottom side that touches the ground. If you have children with you, it would be nice to have sleeping bags in their size - otherwise, just buy the adult-sized ones because they can still fit in anyway.

4. Clothing

Clothing - it’s strange, but some people think that the clothes they wear regularly in the city would be fine for the outdoors. The truth is, no, city clothes don’t automatically qualify as camping and hunting gear in many ways. For one thing, camping and hunting activities do take their toll on your clothes. You need clothes that will protect you from the elements, especially if the weatherman was lying and the weather turns foul. So be sure to bring tops that can withstand rough wear, with sleeves that protect you from twigs and rocks that can cause abrasions. Some like to wear jeans in the wild while others prefer khaki shorts or pants instead. Socks are important and so are tough shoes like hiking boots - so you can wander around to get to know the area better without issues like bleeding feet. Jackets with hoods would be wonderful in case it gets really, really cold as well (just make sure they are waterproof too).

5. Portable water purifier

Portable water purifier - some like to rough it when going camping or hunting, but the truth is the water from streams and rivers can make you sick if you drink it straight from the riverbed. You need a portable water purifier so that you can drink and cook with safe water.

6. Portable light

Portable light - in the past, campers and hunters had to make do with gas lamps, but nowadays you have a wider choice of portable lighting options. Go online and find out if there are solar-powered lights available (just don’t forget to input the right product code at if you want a discount). Yes, you will probably have a campfire but you need technology on your side in case it rains. Bring a flashlight too, just in case.

7. Portable cooking stove

Portable cooking stove - good grub is guaranteed provided you bring along the right cooking stuff. A portable cooking stove can be gas-powered or solar-powered nowadays. It may be heavy but at least you know your food will get cooked the right way. Bring pots and pans with you as well since your group might be in the mood for more complicated meals (rather than just roast food over the campfire).

8. Environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products - this is the 21st century so you probably have come across some cleaning products that respect the environment. Make sure you bring along shampoo and soap that are not toxic to the environment. There are biodegradable dishwashing soap available too (which you may buy online or at specialty stores) so that you can clean up after a meal. And yes, you can also find environmentally-friendly toothpaste as well nowadays so that you don’t mess up the waterways. While you probably want freshly caught meat for your meals, sometimes people do bring along food ingredients or consumer products still in their packaging. In this case, you need some garbage bags where you can stash your trash and bring it with you when you leave.

9. First-aid kit

First-aid kit - although you hope and pray that no one will get seriously injured while you’re on your camping trip, you really need a first-aid kit. Be sure it has gauze bandages, hydrogen peroxide for cleaning wounds, very sharp first-aid scissors, wraps for sprains as well as over-the-counter meds like painkillers. You might also want to bring along a first-aid manual (because not everyone has a medical background).

10. Matches

Matches - yes, it’s obvious that there are a lot of techie toys out there for lighting your wood fire with, but you will probably need a low-tech approach like matches at some point. Just make sure to put them in a watertight/waterproof container that you can easily bring along with you, just to be certain they won’t get wet before you need them. While you’re at it, bring along some old newspapers for prepping your wood fire with.

11. Flares

Flares - no one wants to get lost in the wild but time and time again campers and hunters have gotten lost and will probably continue to get lost during their venture into the outdoors. So just to be on the safe side, bring flares in a waterproof container in your backpack. It pays to be prepared.

Final Thoughts - Enjoy Your Trip!

A camping and hunting trip will be enjoyable as long as you remember to bring all these necessities. Plan your trip in advance and make a list of the stuff you need. If necessary, check your list twice. It is also wise to notify friends and relatives where you are going, to play it safe. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun.

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