Fun Ideas about Camping Games for Kids

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Camping can be an extremely fun and unique experience, more so for the young ones. This is why you should definitely plan an outdoor retreat for your children. But you might be asking what else can you do other than roasting marshmallows by the bonfire? Well, I have just compiled a list of the best camping games for kids. In this list, we will go through several fun activities you can do when camping that is perfectly safe for children. Let me rephrase that, safe and fun.

First off, before we head out to the great outdoors we need to come prepared. Remember to pack the essentials when camping and depending on the location you are going to, pack specific needs. You should also take note of the camp site and make sure to inform children where they need to stay and where they shouldn’t venture into.

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Also, bring more than two plastic trash bags. One for the dirty laundry that will surely pile up and one for garbage. Remember, you should always leave the campsite the way you found it; clean and pristine. You should also remember to always take the necessary safety precautions.

Top 10 Funny Camping Games for Kids

Similar to planning funny camping games for adults, you will need to have a good grasp of the location to prevent accidents. So, without further ado, let’s get to it through it! Here are some fun camping games for kids:

1. Scavenger Hunts

A classic party game, the scavenger hunt seems to get a new layer of fun if done outdoors. In fact, you could even say that the scavenger hunt game was designed for the outdoors. You don’t even need to include anything special into the game.

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You can use whatever is lying down around the area. Have them bring pine cones, snail shells, or specific colored rocks. You can try to change things up by having a photo scavenger hunt. Give each child a camera and have them take pictures of specific things found in the campsite like a bird in flight for example.

For their safety, I highly recommend that they play this game with an adult or in groups. Make sure they know just how far they can search and always have someone supervising every child. As for the penalty for the losing players or team, maybe have them prepare the food for the night. Think of something that will still be a fun experience.

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2. The Camping Mini-Olympics

This is another fun idea that you can do especially if you have a good number of children along for the camping trip. You will be able to include a dozen of games if you want. Some ideas include a potato sack race, tug-of-war, and an obstacle course. The winners will, of course, get a prize like special snacks or a makeshift medal.

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The fun aspect of a mini-Olympics is that you will be the one to plan out the event. Just make sure that each game is appropriate to the age of the players.

3. Tag

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The tag is a classic children’s game that has gone through various iterations throughout the years. One of my kids’ favorite version is the Freeze Tag. In this game, a player who “It” will chase around other players. Any player that gets tagged will freeze in their place. They can only move if they are touched by a non-It player. The game is over once all players are frozen. That is just one version of tag. There are a handful more variations that you can try!

4. Glow Ring Toss

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This game is basically the horse shoe ring toss game but is safer and more of an eye-candy. You will need to buy the glow ring and stake which you can find in most toy stores and online shops like this one. As I said earlier, this one is pure eye-candy but it is also fun and challenging. Children will surely enjoy throwing brightly colored glowing rings, which means this will be a great game to play at night.

5. Golf Frisbee

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A hybrid game of golf and frisbee. The focus of the game is throwing the frisbee into the little basket attached to a pole. You can check out the product here if you are interested. This is actually a really fun game to play with children and can help sharpen their hand eye coordination. It is a little bit on the large side so make sure you have extra space if you are planning to bring out with you on a camping trip.

6. Campfire Story Telling

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This one is a little more relaxed and will get the creative juice flowing. Best done at night, having every child ready for a story is the most thrilling thing. They will be told one by one around the campfire. It can be about anything they wish. Just let them run wild with their imaginations. This is a fun game that will also help develop their bond with each other.

7. Shadowing

This game is actually inspired by a 1900’s tracking and scouting game. If you have kids who require little to no supervision outdoors and are quite experienced themselves and want a good challenge then this game is a great and challenging way to spend time outdoors. In this game, you have one player who is “It” and a couple other players who will be tasked to “shadow” the one player.

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Shadowing means they will be tracking that player around a set area. The goal is to trace where he or she is hiding. This game develops teamwork and ingenuity and is one game that I thoroughly enjoyed growing up.

8. Fire Tender

Another children's game the requires finesse. Fire tender is played with one player sitting blindfolded around several pieces of stick. Other players will try to stealthily creep in and take a stick. If the player who is blindfolded hears a noise they point in that direction and if there is a player there then that player is eliminated. The game ends when all sticks are taken or if all players are caught.

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To add some depth into this game, I recommend you split up the players into two teams. The team that is able to get the most amount of stick wins. That is if they are not all eliminated first.

9. Flashlight Tag

This is fun night time camping game for both children and parents. This is a combination of the game hide-and-seek and tag. The rules of the game are simple. One player who is “it” will need to close their eyes and count to a certain number. Other players will take this time to hide around the area. The “it” player will then go around with a flashlight but will only turn on the flashlight once they spot another player hiding.

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The first one to get caught will be the “it” for the next game. The game ends when all other players are captured. This is an exciting game to play at night and will surely get your heart pumping.

10. Building a Fort

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Another fun activity for the children during a camping trip. This one might need some adult supervision but it is a great learning experience for the little ones. Have them gather the necessary materials such as sticks, logs, leaves, and rocks. You might need to bring a rope here so make sure you pack one in your bag if you have not. This activity builds on ingenuity and the feeling they will get once they finish their own makeshift fort will be extremely gratifying.

Safety Precautions

If you are going to plan games for camping then you definitely need to be prepared and take the children’s safety as your number one priority. This is why it is vital that you remember this key safety tips whenever you will be camping out with your children.

Wear the Appropriate Clothes

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Obviously, if you will be camping out somewhere that has a considerable temperature drop at night then you will need to carry the right clothing to keep you and children warm. Check the weather and average temperatures in the area and bring the proper clothing.

#2. Bring Purified Water

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When it comes to your kids, it is better not to take any unnecessary risks. Bring a couple bottle of purified water enough for your camping trip. Most common illnesses that campers get are diarrhea and stomachaches. Avoid this by bringing your own drinking water.

#3. Beware of Poisonous Plants and Insects

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Again, gather information about the campsite before you head out. Does it have any dangerous flora and fauna that you need to be aware of? Knowing which ones, you need to avoid and which ones are safe is a vital survival technique.

#4. Teach Your Kids How to React During an Emergency

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In the unfortunate event that an accident does occur, you have to teach your kids never to panic. If they get injured they should head directly to you. Teaching them how to stay calm during such events can be a real lifesaver.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to camping games for kids it is always important to make safety a primary concern. Camping is a fun activity in itself but including some exciting games for kids will be a great way to introduce them to the outdoors. You should also instill into them how to respect nature and the importance of being prepared at all times. Some of the games in this list actually develop some of the key survival instincts which are why I included them in the list.

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Be safe, enjoy, and always treat mother nature with respect!

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