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There is something about returning to nature for a weekend. For one, it’s therapeutic to hike out into the woods and just exist in the world as it is. That being said, modern luxuries can be hard to give up, even for a day or two. That’s why so many hastily-planned weekend camping trips turn into miserable nightmares.

One of those luxuries is, of course, food and delicious meals. However, just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to resort to eating berries and the bark off trees. In fact, it’s pretty easy to make a delicious meal with some simple cooking kits designed for camping.

If you’re planning a trip out to the woods anytime soon, make sure you’re prepared to make these delicious recipes.

1. Campfire Pizza Nachos

This is an excellent dish if you are looking for something simple to make and delicious. After all, who doesn’t love nachos?

The prep work on this one is easy, and most of it can be done before you leave the house! All you have to bring with you is a saucepan and a cast-iron skillet (an absolute must for any outdoor cooking set). 

Preparation is easy too. All you have to do is melt butter in a saucepan, then add some salt, pepper, any spices you want, and some cheese to make a delicious queso-like cheese sauce. 


Then, use the cast-iron skillet to heat the nachos, add any toppings you want, and there you have it! It’s about as simple as camp cooking can get. The recipe makes these “pizza” nachos, but in theory, you can put just about anything on these. 

If you want to add meat, though, you may want to prepare it beforehand and use the skillet to reheat it. 

2. Campfire Macaroni and Cheese

Listen, everyone likes macaroni and cheese. It’s a staple of the American diet, and this simple recipe means it can be a staple of your next camping trip too. 

To prep this meal, all you have to do is cook macaroni before you leave and put it in a big aluminum pan. Add in butter and cheeses your heart desires. If you want some extra crunch, you can even crumble some crackers over the top. 


Once you’re on the campsite, simply put this aluminum pan over the fire and let it do its work. You won’t want to use a full fire, though. A dying one with some hot coals will suffice 

After a few minutes, you’ll have hot and delicious mac and cheese, and you did practically nothing to make it. Easy and convenient. 

3. Dutch Oven Chili and Cornbread

Dutch ovens are really amazing little pots, and they are must-haves for anyone looking to make a good meal out on a campsite. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used to make all sorts of recipes.

The Dutch Oven’s prowess is exemplified in this chili and cornbread recipe. Rather than taking the time to make these two dishes separately, the dutch oven allows campers to make them simultaneously in one pot. 

First, you want to cook the chili for a while, stirring to make sure it doesn’t burn and stick to the pan. This particular recipe is vegetarian, but it would take nothing to add whatever meat your heart desires.  


Next, add the cornbread batter over the chili. Then, place the top on the Dutch Oven and let it sit. When the dish is complete, the cornbread will be fully cooked over the chili. It’s as simple as that. 

It’s a great meal for the fall because it is filling, warm, and it takes practically no effort. 

4. Sausage Pierogi Campfire Foil Packets

The next two recipes are great because they can be cooked on a grill if you have one. That means you can finally justify investing in one of the best gas grills because they are convenient and total lifesavers for dishes like this. 

This particular recipe calls for fully-cooked sausage, which makes the dish quick to prepare without waiting for the meat to cook all the way through. Then you include pierogies, onion, and peppers. The best thing about this foil recipe is you can really add whatever you want. You can swap ingredients in and out without sacrificing convenience or flavor. 


Once you have your ingredients, wrap them in heavy-duty aluminum foil and toss them on the grill. Let it sit, flip it around a few times, and you’re good to go. Foil recipes are great because they are convenient and you can include just about anything in them.

If you want more ideas for foil recipes, there are about a million on Pinterest. 

5. Campfire Apple Crisp Foil Packets

No meal is complete without dessert, right? Sure, you could stock up at the store on snacks, but that doesn’t really fit the camping spirit unless that snack is marshmallows. 


This recipe, however, is sweet, delicious, and it has the camping spirit in spades. 

The ingredients you need are apples, sugar, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, flour, quick oats, and baking powder. Mix it all together (per the instructions), and let it bake for about twenty minutes over the fire or on the grill. And bam, you’ve got an apple crisp perfect for any camping occasion.

Of course, if you want to enhance the experience (and you have a way to keep it cool), add ice cream or whipped cream on top. Now that’s a sweet treat. 


There you have it. That’s five easy and delicious camping recipes that anyone can make. What makes these recipes so great is their convenience. Camping should be about reconnecting with nature and relaxing, and spending all day over a campfire isn’t conducive to that. 

Now, with your fresh cooking knowledge, go out into the world. Pack your bug spray, trek into your local forest, and enjoy some delicious food along the way. That’s what life is all about.

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