Funny Camping Games for Adults – My List of The Top 11 Games Nobody Want to Miss

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Camping outdoors isn’t all about serenity and soaking in the beauty that mother nature offers, you could also have your camping buddies join you in some fun activities. In fact, certain games are even more enjoyable in the outdoors. Don’t be shy to bring out your inner child here and simply enjoy my list of the best 11 funny camping games for adults!

Of course, you need ...

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Seriously, it is great to have a blast with your friends while camping but always ensure the safety of everyone. Don’t get to risky and always consider your location when choosing a fun camping game. As always, safety first! Now then, let’s get through this list to give you some great ideas for fun camping games for you and your friends and family.

First thing is first though, remember to always put safety above all else! 

Kevin Smith 

Let's Check my List of 11 Camping Games for Adults!

1. Glow in the Dark Frisbee

As long as you are careful not to chuck the frisbee into the bonfire then this can be an enjoyable game to play in the outdoors at night. Pick a wide-open area where there is no risk of tripping over foliage and the terrain is perfectly even.

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This can really get the blood pumping and the additional challenge of playing it at night with only the zooming glowing frisbee puts a new twist to classic game of catch.

See how interesting when playing "Glow in the Dark Frisbee" at night...

You can actually buy glow in the dark frisbees at your local toy stores, novelty shops or order it through online shops.

2. Hide & Seek

Sure, this is a children’s game but let’s put a twist in it, shall we? How about Hide and Go Scare? Everybody loves a good old fun heart pumping scare, right? Make sure to only play around your camping area, do not stray too far from the camp to avoid getting lost.

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Seriously, where better to play this game than outdoors? Playing outdoors just makes hiding more fun and finding your friends an even greater challenge. Try to sneak around and scare your unsuspecting friends within a predetermined time limit or until they get to the “safe spot”.

3. Balloon Popping Dare

You will need some props for this game but it is worth it. Trust me. Cut some strips of paper and write weird or hilarious activities in it like say, run around like a dog and howl at the moon. Anything you can think of, as long as it is safe, of course.

It's gonna be weird... in some way, you know...

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Now put these strips of papers inside a balloon. One paper per balloon. Play a music then pass the balloons around the campfire. Once the music stops, pop the balloon by sitting on it and everyone must do what the challenge written on the paper says.

4. Killer, Killer

If you don’t feel like doing anything physical then this game is a great choice for you. Chances are you have already place this game or a variation of it at least once. All you need is a piece of paper that corresponds to the number of players then right killer in one of them. Mix them up in a box or hat then have everyone take one piece of paper from the container.

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5. Campfire Ghost Stories

Here is a classic activity that has been a staple during camping trips. What is better place to start telling scary stories than around a bonfire, in the middle of the woods at the dead of night? Scary stories get amplified ten folds thanks to the atmosphere.

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Prepare by reading and watching some documentaries and ghost stories and you’ll have yourself a truly chilling night at the woods. All in good fun, of course. This is one camp activity that will never ever grow old.

Here is 01 suggestion for a campfire story...

6. Witch’s Ring

Here’s another exciting game that will give you a good exercise as well. In this game, one player is tagged as the “witch” and will need to stay in a circle on the ground while other players walk around said circle. The “witch” will then slowly stand up and when they are fully upright they will need to shout,” Here I come!”. Then it will be a game similar to tag as the other players scurry away while the “witch” come running for them.

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Once they capture a player they will then have that captured player act as whatever animal they choose. Make them act as a frog or a cat or have them freeze in a silly pose. The game ends when all other players are captured.

7. Horseshoe Toss

Another classic outdoor game, horseshoe toss has been around since the time of ancient Rome. A simple and easy to pick up game, horseshoe toss can be a great game for both adult and children alike. All you need is a couple of horseshoes and a stake that placed into the ground.

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See how interesting horseshoe toss is...

The goal of the game is to toss the horseshoe so that it hooks into the stake. Challenge yourself by increasing the distance after every successful throw.

8. Water Balloon Fight

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The name pretty much explains itself. Bring a dozen or more balloons and fill them up with water and let the games begin. If you are really gutsy then you can try playing this game at night. You will definitely feel the urgency to dodge those balloons or suffer a chilly night in the woods.

See how fun playing water balloon fight is...

9. Paintball

If you really want to go all in in terms of game warfare then bring a couple of paintball airsoft guns and protective gear. Just remember to use environment friendly, water based paint balls to prevent vandalizing the camping grounds. You can also use airsoft guns with biodegradable pellets as well.

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If you are going to play this with your friends then make sure that all are properly equipped with protective gear. Pick a wide area and let the battle commence!

10. Cards Against Humanity

This is a relatively new card game but is definitely one of my personal favorites. If you have a rather twisted sense of humor then you will undoubtedly enjoy this game as well.

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The game requires a minimum of 4 players, each will get a set number of cards. Afterwards, a card will be set in the middle with an incomplete sentence.

See it on Ellen Show here...

The aim is to choose a word or phrase in your deck that will complete the sentence. The one that delivers the most offensive or hilarious combination wins the round. While not a game for children, adults will really be able to embrace this game and its demented sense of humor.

11. Bean Boozled

How about something different? Instead of your traditional marshmallow by the campfire, try these nasty treats and pass them along the circle. There is no telling what flavor you get with these jelly beans. You will either get the taste of sweet candy floss or an explosion of vomit flavored candy in your mouth.

Look how a little girl react to this kind of candy...

You can buy these novelty candies online or at select supermarkets. One thing is for certain, you better have some gargle on hand if you are going to play this jelly bean Russian roulette.

Final Thoughts

There are literally dozens of games and activities you can do when camping. You just have to make sure that everybody is safe and that everyone will have fun. Camping, or should I say, the outdoors, has a way of enhancing the joy and excitement of these traditional games. Make the most out of your camping trip with friends and families by planning some fun activities to do for both day and night outings.

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