How To Choose The Best Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft is a shooting game in which players compete using replicas of real world guns called airsoft guns. Airsoft games can become extremely competitive, especially for players with advanced skills since they’ll usually be separated into teams and are situated in a playing field wherein they must employ military tactics to outwit their opponents. Airsoft Pal have a huge guide if you are looking to take your battles to the next level.

However, military strategies will be rendered useless if you don’t equip yourself with a reliable airsoft pistol. An airsoft pistol can be a sidearm or secondary weapon to your airsoft rifle, which can give you an advantage over the competing team, especially when it comes to close-quarter encounters. To find the best airsoft pistol that can fit your play style and skill level, head on to resource sites like to see the list of recommended airsoft pistols. 

That said, here are the important considerations you should make when choosing the best airsoft pistol:

Check the Type of Propulsion Mechanism

The first thing you’d want to consider when choosing the best airsoft pistol is the type of propulsion mechanism you want for your gun. This refers to the mechanism responsible for producing the needed thrust to shoot the bullet out of the gun. At present, there are three types of propulsion mechanisms for an airsoft pistol, and each comes with their own benefits:


#1. CO2 Pistols

CO2 airsoft pistols don’t lose their velocity as you shoot, which allows you to be extremely mobile during battles. This is perfect for close-quarter combat, which requires you to fire your pistol at a rapid rate. 

#2. Spring Action Pistols 

These can serve as a great backup for your big airsoft guns or rifles, especially if you still don’t know how to use their scopes. These are also a good choice for beginners who are looking to get into the world of airsoft action without spending too much for a gun. 

#3. Airsoft Electric Pistols 

Airsoft electric pistols are perhaps the most convenient type of airsoft pistol you can buy as it can give you the ability to select the firing mode of your gun. You can switch from full auto, semi-auto, or single.

Inspect the Durability and Reliability

Another important thing to consider when choosing the best airsoft pistol is looking at the durability and reliability of the gun. To determine this, you can try putting it through a series of tests wherein you expose the gun to different elements such as water, sand, mud, and others to see if it still fires the same as it did before.


Keep in mind that since airsoft games usually take on the nature of a military simulation, your weapons will also have to endure the various conditions of the playing field. Thus, your weapon’s durability and reliability can spell the difference between a successful strategy or a failed tactic.

See if It is Easy to Fix or Upgrade

Airsoft players, more so beginners, typically look for a gun that has the right amount of power and accuracy. Keep in mind, though, that the muzzle velocity—which refers to the speed of the bullet the moment it shoots out of a firearm—of the gun doesn’t reflect its level of accuracy. This is where upgrading your pistol becomes really useful.

Choose an airsoft pistol that’s easy to upgrade and has aftermarket support. For example, if you think your airsoft pistol is lacking in velocity and accuracy, you can install a quick barrel upgrade. It’s also important to look for an airsoft pistol that you can easily fix so broken parts can immediately be repaired or replaced.

Consider the Price

The price can also be a significant determining factor when it comes to choosing the right airsoft pistol. It’s only natural to consider the price as these can be quite expensive, running up to hundreds of dollars depending on their quality. Because of its variety in the market, there are budget models to high-end offerings you can choose from. One good tip to remember is not to purchase an airsoft pistol under $100 even if you are in a tight spot. Airsoft pistols within this price range may not deliver the good-quality results you’re expecting. 


Similarly, opting for the most expensive pistol doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. You should also take a look at the reputation of the manufacturer by reading customer reviews and weighing the pros and cons of each pistol type. It might also be the case that an expensive airsoft pistol might not fit your play style or skill level so, along with the price, also consider if the weapon you’re eyeing to buy is the right fit in terms of how you’re going to use it.

Check the FPS or Feet Per Second

FPS or feet per second is the term used in airsoft for determining the speed of the airsoft pellets (commonly called as BBs by airsoft enthusiasts) when shot out of your gun. The FPS is the most effective way of finding out the velocity of your weapon. Rifles and snipers are limited to 500 FPS while the most powerful airsoft pistols are limited to just 350 FPS.

Lower-end airsoft pistols can shoot BBs with around 200 FPS, while higher-end models can reach up to 350 FPS. To give you some perspective, an airsoft pistol shooting a BB at 145 FPS means its bullet is traveling around 100 mph. You can measure the FPS of your pistol using a chronograph or a radar speed gun. Pick an airsoft pistol that has a good FPS if you want to be consistent with your accuracy.


Pistols are really great backups for your primary airsoft guns, which are usually rifles. Being able to switch your weapon, especially in close-quarter situations, can be advantageous. It’s easy to get tired while carrying your rifle throughout the game since you’ll be constantly on the move, or you’ll need to camp depending on your team’s strategy. If you have a really good airsoft pistol, you can choose to drop your rifle and use the pistol as your main weapon instead. Airsoft pistols will give you plenty of mobility, which can spell the difference between victory and defeat. 

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