A Beginner’s Guide on How to Make Survival Bracelets

September 4, 2020

A survival bracelet is an inconspicuous little accessory that is more than what it appears to be. Chances are you have already seen a couple of people wearing survival bracelets. However, there is a high chance that these people only wear it as a fashion accessory, not knowing the full extent of what it can actually offer. In this article, I’ll teach you how to make a survival bracelet of your own. You don’t need to pay for one as it can be easily made if you have a paracord lying around.

As an outdoor enthusiast, I always make a habit of bringing survival bracelets on my trek, alongside my actual paracord supply. It’s better to always have an extra supply of everything when you’re at the mercy of mother nature, my dad always told me. Before I teach you an easy way to make your very own survival bracelet I’ll give you a quick rundown on the uses of this nifty little outdoor-centric accessory.

Various Uses of the Survival Bracelet

A Survival Paracord Bracelet has many uses that can be really helpful for most circumstances if you're out all the time. You can use it to:

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    Tie your gear together.
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    Build a makeshift shelter using raw natural materials in your surroundings.
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    Work as a tourniquet or as a splint if you get injured.
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    Use the inner core material as a makeshift fishing line.
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    Use the inner strands for suturing open wounds or to patch up the ripped fabric.
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    Make a hang game for drying.
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    Make a simple tripwire alarm parameter in your campsite.

Those are pretty much the core uses of a survival bracelet but any crafty individual will be able to make even more uses of this sturdy rope. Now, if you want to make your own survival bracelet for personal use, gift, or for business, I will give you a step by step and easy to follow guide below. If you find it difficult, doesn't give up as with everything, all it takes is practice to master. After a while, you will be making a couple well-made survival bracelets a day. So, let’s begin with the tutorial, shall we?

First thing is first, what do you need to make your very own survival bracelets? Check the list below of important items you will need before we begin:

How to Make a Survival Bracelet – Step by Step Guideline

So, don't want you guys to wait for too long, here are the 5-step that can help you make an outstanding and useful Survival Bracelet:

Step 1: Prepare the Paracord

As noted earlier, 8 feet is the recommended length you will need. You can exceed that length but make sure you don’t cut it less than 8 feet. You will also need a sharp scissor so go for a larger one to make sure you are able to get a clean cut.

How to make survival bracelets 1

Start by preparing your 550 lbs. paracord and cutting at least an 8-feet cord from it. 8 feet is the recommended length you will need. You can choose to make it longer if you want but 8 feet is a good length for a survival bracelet. Once you have cut off the paracord to the recommended length, match the two ends together and find the middle part of the cord.

Step 2: Threading the Buckle

Take your plastic buckle and locate the seam or joint where the “male” and “female” parts connect. This joint should be on the right side of your survival bracelet, make a mental note of that. Now, take your 8 feet 550 lbs. paracord, hold the peak of the cord (the middle part I told you about in step 1) and insert it from top to bottom on the buckle’s seams.

Pull the paracord under the buckle and over the left side seam. Insert it on the left seam from top to bottom as well. Unlock the buckle and take the loop over the “female” part of the buckle and pull to secure it in place.

How to make survival bracelets 4

Try the bracelet on your wrist to make an accurate measurement of the length you will need. Make sure to add some extra inch to make sure it will be comfortable to wear. Too tight and you might find it unbearable to wear.

Once you got the measurement down, unbuckle the bracelet while making sure you remember the actual length you will need. Take your weaving apparatus and clamp down the “female” part of the buckle at the bottom and the “male” part at the top of the apparatus. Once secured, we are now ready to start weaving the paracord.

Step 3: Weaving the Paracord

Don’t be intimidated by the weaving process as it is actually quite easy. I’ll break down the steps into an easily digestible format to help you along the way. The first thing you need to do is to tie a basic knot underneath the paracord. Pull on it to tighten the knot. You will notice that one cord is located above the knot while the other one is located below. This will alternate as we move along from left to right. The important factor you need to remember is to always start the weave with the cord that is in the loop.

How to make survival bracelets 5

Now, take the cord that is under the loop over the vertical cords over to the other side. Take the cord that is above the loop and pull it over the top of the cord and underneath the main vertical cord. Pull it through the loop on the other side. Pull on both sides to tighten. You will notice that we have now alternated which cord is located at the bottom and which one is at the top. Rinse and repeat each weave from here on out until you reach the bottom.

Detach the bracelet from the weaving apparatus and take the “female” part of the buckle. Tuck the end of the paracord in the underside of your bracelet and trim the ends to at least half an inch.

Step 4: Trimming the Ends of the Paracord

Expose the inner threat of the paracord. You can do this by cutting the end point with a scissor and simply pulling away at the outer layer. Once the outer layer is stripped, you will notice some white strands inside the cord. Remove as much as you can by using a scissor and trimming off the white strands.

How to make survival bracelets 2

Expose the inner threads of the paracord. You will see some white strands inside the cord. Remove as much as you can but cutting it off using a scissor.

Step 5: Burning the Ends

Take your lighter and start burning the ends of the paracord. Once the ends are starting to melt, quickly turn the cord over and press the heated part against your lighter so that it will seal both ends together.

How to make survival bracelets 3

There you have it, your very own survival bracelet!

  • Here’s a quick video from Bart Colosino for visual reference:


As you can see, making a survival bracelet is incredibly easy. If you love camping and hiking, I suggest you bring one or two survival bracelets along with your roll of paracord just in case of emergencies. It can be quite a lifesaver and make camping safer and more convenient. It won’t even take up any additional space in your inventory as you will be wearing it like a watch.

If you have anything else to add, feel free to comment down below and share this tutorial as well.

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