Motorhomes For Sale Rochester NY: What To Consider When Buying One

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Motorhomes, as the name suggests, enable you to travel while feeling that you’ve never left your home. Thus, motorhomes are great travel buddies, most especially for a summer vacation.

A motorhome is a recreational vehicle (RV) that already includes almost everything you need, like dining, a living room, and bathroom space for a more comfortable and enjoyable vacation. Motorhomes come in different types, prices, and sizes, and some would require special licenses to drive.

If you’re planning to purchase a motorhome, you need to keep in mind these important considerations before buying one:

Type of Motorhome or RV You Need

As mentioned, motorhomes can come in different types and sizes. You can check different motorhome options here.

Here are different types of classes of motorhomes you should know about:

Class A RVs: With a large and solid body, these motorhomes are the most expensive. Class A RVs are luxurious with a living space, such as a dining area, living rooms, and a bathroom.

It can be used to tow a smaller vehicle, which is perfect for day trips and used to run errands during your travel.

Class B RVs: These are standard vans with a raised roof, which are also called campervans. While campervans are more affordable as compared to Class A motorhomes, they don't have luxurious features, like a bathroom space.

However, this type of RV has a grill and a sleeping area. Further, the advantage of Class B motorhomes over Class A RVs is that they’re easy to maneuver.

Class C RVs: This motorhome is identified by its over-the-cab sleeping area. It can be used as a built-in trailer and more spacious than Class B motorhomes. As compared to Class A motorhomes, Class C RVs are also easier to drive and more affordable.

Towable RVs: Towable motorhomes come as detachable trailers towed behind vans or trucks with versatile price and amenities.

The different types of towable RVs include travel trailers, folding trailers, tent trailers, and 5th wheel trailers.

Number of Passengers

Create a mobile paradise that you and your family will surely enjoy by choosing the best motorhome that can accommodate everyone. Motorhomes are perfect for a group of friends and families who want to spend time together and create unforgettable camping memories.

When planning to buy a motorhome, it's important to consider counting the number of people who’ll come with you on a trip using your RV. While you don't have to plan occasional unexpected visitors during your travel, it's important to always have an available bed and seat for all permanent members of your camping adventures.

Here are the significant members you might want to take into account when buying a motorhome:

  • Family members
  • Relatives
  • Regular visitors
  • Pets

Use of Space

You won't easily run out of space and storage options using a motorhome when traveling. If you have a large group, make sure to choose a spacious RV that can accommodate not only your expected crew but also your backpacks and other travel and camping essentials.

It's important to consider how you'll use the interior and external space to ensure you comply with campground rules. You might want to consider extendable slides or external awnings for a more comfortable and spacious living space.

Here are the advantages when you consider buying a more spacious RV:

  • Plenty of space for everyone in the group
  • Camping is more relaxing and comfortable
  • Enjoy the RV camping travel experience without space restrictions

Frequency of Use

Are you planning to use your RV every weekend? Or do you have plenty of time using your motorhome? While busy people might rarely use an RV, seniors or retirees might want to spend more time in their motorhomes to enjoy life to the fullest while exploring nature and traveling from one place to another.

Here are some important considerations in terms of considering the frequency of use when choosing an RV:

Season: The best camping season is summer since it’s a perfect time to travel with a motorhome. You and your family will surely love the outdoors. On the other hand, during cold winter months, your RV might be confined in your garage for a couple of months in a year. So, it's important to think about the seasons before buying one to avoid wasting money.

Schedule: Trailer travels would require strategic planning. However, does your schedule allow you to fully enjoy camping and traveling using your motorhome all year round? Answering this question will help you choose the most convenient type of RV based on your work schedule and lifestyle.

Features and Benefits of a Motorhome

When it comes to choosing a motorhome, the common amenities and features include a dinette, kitchen, office space, TV mount, windows, closet space, and bathroom space. It's important to choose the features you'll need in a motorhome so you'll end up completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why it pays off considering not only your current needs but also your future needs.

Here are some of the best features and benefits of a motorhome:

Built-in Appliances: Look for built-in appliances to save space with multiple purposes, such as convection or microwave ovens.

Doors: Always prioritize a solid door with durable and reliable locks for safety.

Windows: With a bigger window, you'll have a better view. Consider getting one with skylights to provide ample lighting in the bathroom and hallway.

Dinette: For more flexibility in space, consider choosing an RV with free standing chairs and tables.

Shelving: In your motorhome kitchen, shelving and storage are important. Look for a motorhome with easy to remove shelves for easier cleaning and repair.

Flooring: If there's heavy traffic expected, choose an RV with durable flooring. Linoleum, vinyl, and laminated plastic are the best options for kitchens.

Bed Access: Make sure that the bed is accessible by choosing a motorhome with at least two access areas. This makes changing bed sheets easier and to avoid the hassle and effort of climbing over the bed.

Office Space: A mini office feature is a good idea if you want a dedicated workspace, most especially if you have a home-based job or online business.

TV Mount: You’ll no longer miss watching the NFL Sunday Ticket with a fixed TV mount. Choose an RV with wall mounts or stands so you can flex, turn, or swivel your TV for optimum viewing experience.

Counter Space: Choose an RV with a spacious counter space so you can prepare delicious meals without so much hassle.


There are a lot of considerations when buying a motorhome since it’s a major investment that can make a big difference in your travel and camping experience. Knowing the purpose, frequency of use, the best features, and benefits of a motorhome will help you choose the right one for your needs.

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