Music Festivals and Events That You Just Can’t-Miss in Colorado

September 28, 2018
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It may not be Paris or Mexico, but Colorado is a culturally exotic and intense place all on its own. If you don’t know how you can relate, then you probably need to go there again with a new perspective. A lot of people who have been there don’t naturally know what the fuss is all about. But the cultural and traditional context of the place relives itself every year throughout the months. No matter if it’s fall, spring or really hot or really dense. You should know there’s an event waiting for almost every time of the year. So, get packing, get your family ready. Get your rides ready. If you’re on your bike, visit your nearest motorcycle tire shop, buy women’s and men’s motorcycle jackets and get to Colorado before you miss out on something beautiful and exotic.

Festivities in Colorado 

There are a ton of events happening throughout the state especially if you focus on the music culture that is catching on through the ages. A lot of festivals happen around the time of June till August. You can’t expect to leave so you better find a nice camping site or a hotel to stay in for the whole time you’re there.

#1. Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Happening for almost 45 years now and most recently successfully broadcasted and organized this June is the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. It’s a sensational stage for performing musical arts in front of a crowd that is dying to hear it! Peter Rowan, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’ Brien and our very own Sam Bush are some of the artists that are known to be performing at the Bluegrass.

#2. The Ride

The Ride is another music festival that sells out tickets throughout the months of March till the real date of the event in July. You can hope to find some of the best rock music in the country is performed live by well-known artists. The event is set to host Sheryl Crow, Grace Potter, Joe Russo along with many other iconic hits of the genre. Get to Mountain Village and don’t forget to buy the tickets.

#3. Rocky Grass 

The Rocky Grass music festival happens just after The Ride in the same month of July. Happening for over 46 years now in Lyons in the Boulder County in Colorado, the festival is known for more than just music. With beautiful camping sites and exhilarating and interactive activities throughout the area, you can expect to find a lot of fun.

#4. Sonic Bloom

If you’re more into the modern electronic music and want to have a space full of people who have the same taste, get over to Colorado in time for Sonic Bloom. This is a festival that hosts some of the best and latest artists and DJs that come from all across the country to Hummingbird Ranch. With Shpongle, Nightmares on Wax, Keys n Krates, Liquid Stranger along with other artists lined up for this year’s event, you can anticipate the kind of environment that is created every year.

#5. Telluride Jazz Festival 

A lot of people who have a serious love for music often find it hard to leave Telluride because every month, they host another musical event that compels you to stay. The Jazz Festival is one of the biggest ones that happen to host iconic artists and bands like Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers. If you’re into Jazz, you will love the 2018 line-up that includes Irma Thompson, the soul queen of New Orleans, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. BadbadNotGood, Turkuaz, Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band, Polyrhythmics, NO BS! Brass Band are just some of the main groups performing this August.

#6. NedFest

On the shores of Barker Meadow Reservoir, Nederland Colorado, a large number of people gather days before the happening of the NedFest. The last weekend of August in 2018 got us Anders Osborne, Leland Sklar, Kyle Hollingsworth, Michael Kang, and Jeremy Salken to name a few. Three days in the outdoor being celebrated for almost 20 years now.


You can expect to find a lot of fun in Colorado if you’re a music lover. Not only are these concerts and festivals culturally connected to the history of Colorado, but some like the Rocky Grass are also reminders of the tough challenges faced by the area due to natural disasters. Colorado has been a center of attention for many, for a long time. Drive up there to see if it can appeal to you too. 

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