How to Use Tie Down Straps Like a Professional

September 21, 2017

Before we head on to ou​r step by step guide on how to properly use tie down straps it is best if we introduce the three different varieties first. This should help you differentiate between the three and learn the variances when it comes to their uses. lightbulb-o Basically, the three I’m speaking of are […]

How to Properly Use a Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps are essential tools for anyone looking to transport cargo. For us outdoor enthusiast, this is an essential tool to have in our inventory. Say we’re traveling through off-road terrain using our pickup truck to a campsite, chances are it will be one bumpy journey. If your flatbed is currently storing any kind of […]

How to Clean a Nalgene Bottle – Keeping your Eco-friendly Water Bottles Pristine

The Nalgene bottle has become the go-to-water storage device for most outdoor enthusiasts. It is Bisphenol A-free (BPA-free), which is something we should consider when storing our drinking water.As Nalgene bottles are BPA-free, it is considerably much safer than normal plastic water bottles. Now, one of the most common questions about this eco-friendly item is […]

How to Build a Flatbed – DIY Flatbed Tutorial

A flatbed is basically the back of your pickup truck but stripped and replaced with a wide flat surface that you can use to transport smaller vehicles or install a small mobile camping rig. Building one is relatively simple if you have the basic know-how of operating tools. In this article, we will go through […]