6 Reasons You Should Consider Portable Solar Panels

Are you still using a diesel or gasoline-fed generator? Don’t you think it is time to switch to portable solar panels? If you are a regular camper, a constant traveller to remote areas, an RV owner, or just someone who needs backup power, here are six reasons that can help you decide to get portable solar panels.

1. Portable solar panels are environment-friendly

Any type of solar panel draws power from the most available natural source–the sun. Fortunately, Australia gets plenty of sunlight, compared to other places on the planet. Why not take advantage of this resource and reduce your carbon footprint?

According to the Australian Greenhouse Calculator of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), households emit 3 to 30 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year, depending on the family's size and lifestyle. These come from transportation, household appliances, heating or cooling systems, and wastes that end up in the landfill. Homeowners can simply reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by installing solar panels.


Experts from the University of Queensland said in a study that if more Australians begin to use solar panels in their homes, then the country's total greenhouse gas emission can drop 3.7 percent by 2020. It might not seem much, but it will be a significant improvement for the environment.

Start small by using portable solar panels

Shifting to solar energy at home requires a big decision on your part, as it can get expensive. The average price of a roof-mounted solar panel can cost from $4,000 to $6,000.

You can start small by using a portable solar panel. While it is not for heavy-duty use, you can still bring down your carbon footprint with it. Portable solar panels are great for family and group camping trips, when you are driving an RV on a road trip, or as backup power for emergency situations like power interruptions during a bad storm.


Many Australian households still operate portable generators using diesel or gasoline. These types of backup power, however, pollute the air, release awful-smelling fumes, and contribute to the noise pollution with their loud whirring sound. Portable solar panels, on the other hand, do not cause these environmental problems.

2. Portable solar panels are cost-efficient

The initial investment you make for a kit of portable solar panel could be anywhere from $350 to $550. It might be priced higher, depending on your specifications and needs. If you want it installed on the roof of your RV, it can cost you less.

Solar panels are long-term investments because you can significantly and slowly cut down your utility expenses. You can use the portable power for your lighting, cell phones, laptops, entertainment gadgets, and other small appliances such as an electric grill. You can also use it to heat water for bathing. Additionally, there’s no price to pay for the convenience of light, power, and heat especially when you need to go outdoors or during an emergency.


The choices for cheaper solar options get better and better in Australia. As the solar power industry is booming with so many players entering the market, prices can still go lower without sacrificing quality. According to reports, state governments have also been expanding and approving more solar farms and products to cater to consumers' growing needs.In addition, the sun is free. You only have to invest in the equipment that will harness this renewable energy. 

3. Portable solar panels may increase the value of your property or RV

More than 85 percent of Australians prefer houses with solar panels. It is a feature that most potential buyers or renters value in a property. Renters, in fact, are willing to pay extra to benefit from solar energy, according to a study by Real Estate Australia.

If you are a building owner or own a vast idle land, you might even consider leasing it to solar farms or companies. As a landlord, you might want to include portable solar panels as part of your building amenities for tenants. If not, you can allow your tenants to bring in their own portables for a small fee or based on other arrangements.

If you are considering selling your RV, you can also get a good price for it because of the mounted solar panels.

4. A portable solar panel gives you energy security 

Campgrounds do not always provide electricity, and utility companies are not 100 percent reliable. Power shuts down and generators break. If you use gas-powered or diesel-powered generators during emergency situations, you might run out of fuel when you need it most.

Portable solar panels, on the other hand, don't run out of energy because the sun is always there. You just need to use a minuscule amount of the sun's power to always enjoy energy security. At night, you can switch to the power drawn from the battery pack of your portable, which you charged during the day.


If you are the type of person who loves to camp out regularly, you can also use portable solar panels for camping fridges. You can enjoy fresh food even as you stay for days in the wilderness because you have available energy to power small stoves on your RV.

5. Portable solar panels are low maintenance 

Portable solar panels are easy to use and are waterproof. The solar charge controller can work in any weather. Folding portable solar panels, on the other hand, are often made of high-quality materials, so even if you have to constantly upload and move it around, it will still work efficiently. Some panels come with special foamed cases for extra protection. Because of their small size, these panels can be easily manoeuvred and stored inside a cabinet.

You don't have to clean the panels regularly as well. You might, however, detect a slight difference in your energy system during rainy days. Just as you draw natural energy source from the sun, you can rely on rainwater to wash the dirt and dust off your portable solar panels.

Once in a while, you have to check if the charge controller's cables are still in good condition so that your system's efficiency is maximised. After shelling out the initial cost, you won't have to spend or do much more to keep your solar panels running smoothly.

6. This renewable energy trend is still advancing, with Australia leading the world

It is an exciting time for the solar power industry and as a consumer, you are the immediate beneficiary of every good development in this market. Aside from the number of companies entering the fray that will make solar prices more competitive, scientists and engineers are also developing new solar energy technologies, including portables, to improve how consumers use renewable energy.

The great thing is that Australia is leading the rest of the world in these advancements, so those who live here are at a greater advantage.


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