Removal of cockroaches from kitchen and home

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Cockroaches are insects inside the kitchen or house that spread diseases.they should be instantly controlled or killed else the whole house will be full of insects and humans will suffer from lots of unknown diseases.


1. First of all, the foremost biggest way to deal with cockroaches is while taking professional help from cockroach killers. They put a liquid on whole corners o house doors. When roaches eat it, they automatically become killed.

2. Stop their food intake.

3. End up their hiding areas.

4. Don’t spray anything just put out bait.

5. Seal up all areas where they enter or hide.

Instant cockroach killing:

​Boric acid is used for instant killing. Boric acid will only eliminate direct killing not hiding insects. But it extremely kills unwanted cockroaches.


​The best complete guide for flea bomb at-home remedy for cockroach killing is diatomaceous earth. It is not unhealthy to humans but it kills roaches or bugs directly with a contact in it. Just sprinkle it in areas where roaches are roaming or going to or coming towards frequently.

The killing of cockroaches without exterminator:

1. Using borax is a great remedy though it is harmful to animals and humans it is a big insecticide.

2. Using baking soda. It is available in all kitchens or bakeries. It is very likely to kill roaches naturally.

3. Close the holes or seal them up by not reentering or going out of the house. Just instantly let them die and don’t allow further reproduction or entry of such bugs.


1. Give the tough time cockroaches. They need food and water just keep everything away from their reach.

2. Make some kind of baits to catch and kill them instantly.

3. Make a powder solution of food like one part of boric with two arts of flour and one part of cocoa powder. Mix them and sprinkle at their places. They will likely to eat and will die.

4. If you mix soap and water, it also gives a tough time to roaches.

5. Else you can use some medicine or insecticides.

Kitchen cabinet freedom from cockroaches:

​Just clean the cabinet from cockroaches and pots. Sprinkle baking soda. Clean and clean. After killing them sprinkle on clean places too. Eggshell powder also keeps cabinets away from roaches.


Avoid roaming of pets on the floor while sprinkling pesticide or insecticide on floors. Pets might lick them and can get sick as well as chances of non-immune disease too but still good luck for roach killing openly. They are bugs more dangerously attacking us.

Few tips which did not work at all so avoid using them include a complete guide of flea bomb include:

1. Avoid citrus solutions applications on the floor. They are just making your house another lemonade in feet. Just avoid it. It doesn’t help at all.

2.​ Avoid cucumber leaves. They are also used sometimes but it doesn’t help at all.

3. ​Avoid using herbal leaves or herbal solution for killing roaches. It’s just a waste of time as well another bad remedy to waste for or make your house dirty and clumsy.


Usually, cockroaches are killed at night most generously. As we stop going in or out the place... just insects are widespread all over around. They just eat and spread around. That’s the best time to self-help by roaches. Sprinkle around solutions or baits or powder mixture. It will slow down their movement and later death will occur.

​If you want professional help. Be sure to apply for 3 to 6 months’ time. Its liquid applied on corners which roaches eat and die.

For that baits also work enormously and deeply. Their intake of poisonous traps kill them and slow them down. It’s not the process of one day but it might take 3 to 7 days or even a month to kill them completely.

After that keep the area clean and don’t let any such activity happen which might ruin you’re long-suffering of cleaning corpses of roaches.


​Make a mixture of 3 parts of boric acid with 1 part of powdered sugar. Sugar attracts and makes them lure while boric acid directly kills them. Although boric doesn’t kill directly humans or anything for roaches it helps. It also can irritate humans for itching of the nose of fingers.


A mix of peppermint oil with white vinegar is very effective. It helps a lot to kill insets and to stray them away from it.

Other than that it increases diseases from chemicals or insecticides like cancer or on immune. Anyhow here are few more natural remedies. these products should be at home at the time of need for removal of cockroaches from cabinets or home:

1.​ Sugar and boric acid

Mix sugar and boric acid and apply this solution on grounds. It really helps.

2. ​Bay leaves

If not available anything else put bay leaves. They really repel the roaches at first glance. secondly, their most presence is not dangerous neither very harmful for kids. If they eat bay leaves it’s not very dangerous.

3. ​Boric acid

​Boric acid on its own is also very harmful to insects.

4. ​Coffee grounds

Coffe ground solutions are also repellent. Put the coffee solution in holes or add some gel to keep them deep inside holes.

5. ​Essential oils

Essential oils smell is repellent to roaches.

6. ​Listerine

​Just like essential oils its also dangerous for roaches.

7. ​Cayenne pepper

​It can be added to baits to kill insects instantly.

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