Romantic Camping Ideas That Couples Should Try

Nothing will ever beat a romantic night with your special one underneath the night skies with stars peppered across the infinite. A campfire to snuggle up beside your significant other, a tent to share with and cuddle the night away."
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Seriously, nothing can beat that and you won’t even need to spend an astronomical amount of cash. To help you create the perfect camping experience with your girlfriend or boyfriend, I have compiled a list of romantic camping ideas that every couple should try.

This list is based on my personal experience as well so they all have my stamp of approval. That being said, it is time to put your game face on and make your camping experience with that special someone something to remember forever.

My List of 7 Most Romantic Camping Ideas for Couples

I know that you are making up your mind about this. A decision is always important. But now, patiently look at these 7 awesome ideas about romantic camping dates:

1. Choose the Perfect Location!

It is all about the location. Seriously, that is the foundation where this will all hinge upon. Pick the perfect campsite during the perfect season. If you wish to make sure everything goes smoothly then I highly recommend camping grounds that offer several amenities.

Romantic Camping Ideas 1

Choose a campsite that has electricity, working utilities like bathrooms and the like. This will help prevent any common hassles when camping and make sure both your stay will go smoothly. You can check out the National Recreation Reservation Systems (NRRS) official website for a list of campsites near you as well as what facilities each offers. If you have the best location with a breathtaking view then all the pieces will fall into place on their own.

Romantic Camping Ideas 1

In addition, I highly suggest that you stick to campsites that offer amenities if you are planning a romantic camping trip. You two can go for a serious camping experience some time down the road for a good challenge. For now, your aim should be in delivering the best, most comfortable, safest, and most romantic experience to you and your partner.

2. Disconnect Social Media and Reconnect with One Another

When going on a camping trip, the main idea is to just get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and society. Have you been in a room with people all glued to their smartphones browsing the never ending posts from Facebook? Kind of a buzz killer, right?

If you wish to maintain that romantic ambiance with your partner during your camping trip then invoke a “No Smartphone, No Internet” rule. This is your time together so make the most out of it. Enjoy the location, take in the grand view, and cherish each other’s company!

Romantic Camping Ideas 3

There are a time and place to “plug in” back to social media but camping is not the right place for that. Put down your phone and just talk with each other. I can’t believe we have come to this but it is actually refreshing to have a face-to-face conversation with another person nowadays, especially your loved one.

3. Operation: Romantic Preparation

Come prepared for the romantic camping experience. This means that you don’t bring your standard camping equipment. Bring something new that will further add to the romantic atmosphere.

• Leave the sleeping bag and get the double sleeping bag.

• Bring a cozy warm blanket.

• Bring a good quality wine and wine bottles.

Must have a speaker for music. Trust me on this.

Romantic Camping Ideas 4

Look, I’m not a love guru or an expert when it comes to these kinds of thing but I do know to follow my gut instincts and it has not failed me yet. Sometimes, the most romantic thing you can do for one another is the simplest things. Oh, and like I told you earlier, the right music will set the mood perfectly like an icing on the cake.

Other things you will need to bring are pillows and towels. The goal here is to make your tent as comfortable and as romantic as possible. What better way to improve both by throwing in some nice soft pillows to cuddle on?

4. Conquer Trails Together

Why go get an expensive gym membership when you have a complete obstacle course for free, courtesy of mother nature? Hiking trails vary in difficulty so make sure that you choose something that both of you can thoroughly enjoy without pushing you way past your limits. This is a perfect date activity for adventurous couples if you love those kinds of outdoor activities.

Romantic Camping Ideas 5

Go on a hiking trail that ends with a completely amazing view of the landscape. That will help cap off the challenging climb. Plus, this is a great time for both of you to bond and support each other all the way up to the top, literally and figuratively. Conquering a climb for the first time together is all a great feeling in itself. The first of many successes that you will both experience.

Romantic Camping Ideas 6

Of course, this means that you will need to be prepared for the trek. Bring water bottles, a first aid kit, and as an exception, you can also bring your phone here. In fact, if you are planning on going on a hike away from the campsite, always bring your phone. Safety should be your number one concern at all times when camping.

5. Bring Some Fun Board Games

There are special kinds of board games for couples if you’re having trouble thinking of one. These games are designed for couples so expect things to get a little hot during play time. Well, the goal here is to be romantic and laughter and romance always go hand in hand.

Romantic Camping Ideas 7

Of course, make sure that your partner loves these kinds of board games. To be sure, bring in some completely wholesome games for a wide range of choices. But I’m pretty sure both of you will be all in for a board game with a romantic twist once the sun sets and you are all alone in your tent.

6. Do Some Interior Decorating

Don’t just leave your tent as it is. No, a little bit of decoration will go a long way to make a romantic camping experience. I’ll give you an idea for this one, bring some Christmas lights, attach them to a small power source and have your own little starry sky inside the tent. For safety purposes, I suggest that you do not fall asleep with the lights still on as they are a fire hazard.

Romantic Camping Ideas 8

But if you plugged them in safely then you won’t need to worry too much. As stated earlier, even the simplest things can be jaw-droppingly romantic when used at the perfect moment. You can also use candles, or to be perfectly safe, LED candles. You can buy those at your local novelty shops and is a great way to emulate the flickering candle light while being perfectly fire hazard safe.

7. Enjoy the Sunset and Sunrise

Romantic Camping Ideas 9

It is cliché, yes, but it is still one of the most romantic things to share with the one you love. Wake up early, prepare a breakfast and lay a blanket at a good spot for the sunrise. It is quite possibly one of the best things you will see in your life which is even better when you are sharing that moment with your S.O.

Romantic Camping Ideas 10

Sunsets are equally romantic and are a nice way to start off your romantic evening. A bottle of wine around the campfire and just having a nice little conversation, sharing a couple of laughs. That is the goal here, right? If there is a lake around the campsite you can also bring your partner for an early morning fishing trip. If the lake oversees the horizon during sunrise then that would just be perfect.

Final Thoughts

Romantic Camping Ideas 11

Camping itself is already a romantic activity you can share with that special someone. But preparing and enhancing the romantic vibe is quite welcome. If you have anything to add on how to make a romantic camping trip then feel free to share your tips down below in the comments section. As always, stay safe and sweep her off her feet!

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