Create Your Own Mobile Paradise with these Creative RV Decorating Ideas

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and an avid camper with an RV like me, you know that your RV will be like your second home away from home. You and your family or friends will be spending an extensive amount of time inside during multiple day camping trips. If your RV still has its factory default interior design, which is, not to offend the manufacturers, are mostly drab. Why not throw in some life and personality into your RV by doing some renovations and adding decorations?

If you are interested but don’t know where to begin don’t fret! I got your back. I’ll be listing down some creative, unique, and great RV decorating ideas to give your RV a bit more personality and pizzazz.

1. Create the Perfect Atmosphere by Using Mood Lighting

You would be surprised how much installing a couple of mood lighting can do to the overall aesthetics of any location. If you are planning on shaking up your RV’s interior lighting, I suggest you go for LED light bulbs. They are affordable, long-lasting, and comes in several colors.

RV Decorating Ideas 1

You can also choose LED light bulbs with three-way features so you can change the intensity of the light to your liking. I actually installed a three-way LED light bulb that has three settings: bright white light, slightly dimmer white light, and warm yellow light. Warm yellow is perfect at night to relax, in my opinion.

You can also light some candles at night around certain areas in your RV but that is actually a fire hazard. A great alternative is to get one of those LED candles that simulate candlelight. It’s a safer alternative that also delivers comparable results when it comes to mood lighting. A candlelight (even if it’s LED candles) evening while camping with your significant other will increase the romance ten-fold.

2. Have a Souvenir Display

If you have already been around the block for quite a while, chances are you have already amassed an impressive number of souvenirs and memorabilia from the places you have visited. Why not give your collection a special spot inside your RV? You don’t even need to take up any significant space.

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For example, if you mainly bought fridge magnets from campsites then you can just arrange them on your RV’s refrigerator. Or you can get one of those magnetic boards and decorate it with your commemorative items. This would be a good conversational piece with friends and is also a great way to go on a little nostalgia trip.

3. Get Some Scented Candles or Incense

One of the most relaxing methods you can include in your home is by adding scented candles and incense. Our sense of smell has a way of programming our brain into various states. Since you will be driving for hours on end, anything that can help calm your nerves is a godsend. I actually have some incense and scent pots in my RV’s living room. After a long drive to our destination, nothing beats relaxing on the sofa with my family and smelling the mild calming scent of lavender.

RV Decorating Ideas 2

You can get those electric oil diffusers as well. They are pretty cheap and can quickly fill any room with a relaxing scent in a matter of minutes. I actually have VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser. It works great and definitely looks good if you are going for nature aesthetic.

You can also go the old-fashioned route and buy some fresh followers then place them in a collapsible vase like this one from Modgy Vase. You can easily store these types of vase if you don’t need them and prop them right up when the occasion arises.

4. Livening Things Up for Your RV Exterior Picnic Setting

Of course, once you have arrived at your destination you will also be spending quite a bit of time outside. So why not give your RV exterior a bit of redecoration as well? The good news is you also won’t be needing too much space to store the items you will need to decorate your RV’s exterior. Basically, you need to bring some rugs, foldable chairs, foldable tables, collapsible lanterns, a nice tablecloth, and jars for your snacks. You can also get some buckets for other supplies you might need during a picnic.

RV Decorating Ideas 6

The overall design will be up to you. You can use colorful combinations or go for an earthlier atmosphere. Speaking of earthly atmosphere, if you have flowers on tow you can place them inside your collapsible vases that we talked about earlier. You will be surprised how much beautiful you can make your picnic setting with just a few key element tweaks.

5. Decorating Your RV As You Would Do The Same to Your Home

As I’ve stated earlier, RV interiors usually come with a pretty ho-hum design. I’ve seen dozens of RVs with an interior design that primarily use the color brown. Well, sure it is a safe bet to use earthly shades when designing the default look of an RV, but not all campers are similar in that regard.

RV Decorating Ideas 4

You can actually improve the ambiance of your RV’s interior by placing in the right color and decoration. Changing up the carpet, curtains, sofa covers, and pillow covers will immediately give a dramatic shift in the overall aesthetics. The color scheme of your interior design is the key element here. Knowing which color complements, each other best will put you on the right track.

If you don’t have the budget to buy a brand-new rug for your RV, a good alternative is the throw rug which you can buy at a significantly lower price tag. It is also available at Ikea, Walmart, Target, and Amazon. You can also place some paintings or personal/family pictures around the RV to give it the homey feeling. Just make sure that you install the frames properly so that it won’t fall off.

RV Decorating Ideas 5

You can even do your own DIY photo display by taking a piece of branch, screw eyes, thread, and clothespin. Here’s a quick little tutorial for you:

  • Step 1: Tie a thread or wire to both ends of the stick or branch to act as your hanger.
  • Step 2: Just screw the screw eyes onto the piece of stick (with equal space in-between).
  • Step 3: Tie the thread onto the screw eyes.
  • Step 4: Tie the other end of the thread to your clothespin.
  • Step 5: Attach photos to by using the clothespin.

There you have it, a simple photo display you can make with just a few items. Another simple yet highly effective way to give more life (literally) to your RV is by placing live plants around the interior. Plants will undoubtedly add a more vibrant atmosphere and will also help with oxygen circulation.

You can place both small and large pots of plants wherever you feel like it. Plus, once you arrive at your campsite and start rolling out your picnic equipment you can also bring out your plants outside. Not only will they be able to soak some sunshine, they will also add to the whole aesthetic of your picnic setting.


Hopefully, these RV decorating ideas helped you figure out some new ways to improve your overall RV experience. It doesn’t take much to fully re-decorate your RV. You can do a full redecoration without breaking the bank. Just a few tweaks here and there and your own imagination will be more than enough to give new life to your RV’s interior design.

If you have any additional tips you want to share with your fellow campers please feel free to discuss it in the comment section below.

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