7 RV Organization Ideas You Definitely Need to Know

Are you planning on heading out for a trip with your friends or family in your RV? Well then, you are in for a treat. I have to admit that nothing beats traveling to beautiful remote locations in an RV. It is literally like bringing your home with you on the road. You get to bring the comfort and convenience with you if you use an RV. You will get access to a kitchen, living room, and even a bedroom.

However, did you know you can actually enhance your RV experience with some key essential organization tips? These tips will make the most out of your RV and might even open up new options for what you can bring with you as well.

Check out this list of 7 RV organization ideas that will help optimize your traveling experience on the road

1. Maximize Your Kitchen Space with these Helpful Accessories!

Your kitchen utensils might take up a bunch of space and can easily clutter your RV if you don’t think it through. This is why I highly recommend you install specific space saving and convenient kitchen accessories in your RV. These items are cheap and are actually easy to find, it is just that they are not exactly well-known. Here are some examples of RV kitchen storage items that you can incorporate into your vehicle:

  • Paper Plate Dispenser – Something like the Camco Pop-a-Plate will do perfectly fine. It is easy to install and does not take any space on your kitchen counter as you actually install it underneath your cupboard or kitchen cabinet. Plus, it is affordable to boot. I highly recommend you think about installing one of these in your RV to help save space and assist you in better interior organizing.
  • Over the Cabinet Trash Can Bin - Another element that takes up space and makes the interior of the RV feel confined is the trash can bin. If you use an ordinary trash can bin you run the risk of it toppling over during your travels. There is also the risk of someone in the RV knocking it over accidentally. To solve this little conundrum, I suggest you get an over the cabinet trash can bin like the SimpleHuman In-Cabinet Trash Can. You just hang it over the inside cabinet door and you have saved space and made sure your trash can is secure even when driving over rough terrain.

Here is another RV kitchen hack you can do. If you have curtain tension rods, you can prop them inside your cupboard vertically and use them as dividers for your flat kitchen utensils like your cutting board or serving tray! You can also use file folders or holders, attach them to the inside of cabinet doors to give you a boost in storage space.

2. Organizing Your Magazine, Maps, and Books with a Hanging Caddy

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When traveling to remote areas it is best that you have a trusty map on your side. Sure, you can use your GPS but you never know when you might enter a dead zone with no internet connection. It is still a good idea to bring an old-fashioned map with you at all times during camping trips. I recommend you get a hanging caddy to organize your maps and magazines. This way you know exactly where your reading materials and maps are at all times. You can also place the hanging caddy beside your bed for easy access to reading materials or important items like medications and whatnot.

3. Bring Storage Containers

RV Organization Ideas 2

Chances are there will be some left-over food during your trip and once you arrive you can bet that these left-over foods will attract some attention from the animals in the campsite. Avoid having to contend with pesky uninvited guests and prevent your food from spoiling by using storage containers. You can use compact square containers or mason jars, it is up to you. The important thing is that the content is air-sealed and compact for easy storage inside your mini-fridge. Making sure the storage container is air-tight also prevents animals from catching a whiff of its scent.

4. Space-Effective Way to Store Your Mason Jars

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If you are already running low on storage space in your cupboards and cabinets you can try this amazing tip when it comes to looking for a place to store your mason jars. First, you will need a drill and a couple of screws. Once you have those, remove the lid from the jars, place them at the interior ceiling of your cabinet and screw them securely. Just place the jars back to their respective lids and you are done. You can use this for storing nails, screws, and other small hardware equipment.

5. Using Vacuum Sealed Bags for Clothes Storage

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You will be surprised how much actual space your clothes can take in your drawer. It can quickly eat space and if you will be going on a camping trip with the family for a couple of days you will need every inch of that space as much as possible. You can use vacuum sealed bags to help maximize space in your drawers. It can also help you organize your clothes better as well so you won’t take extra time trying to look for that missing sock again.

6. Alternative Use of Broom Holders

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You can find broom holders at your local hardware store and brooms aren’t the only things it can help secure. Also, you can use it for holding your flashlights and making sure it is easily accessible during emergencies. You can attach broom holders onto a wall that is easily accessible by anyone. If the need arises, you can simply take from the holder instead of fumbling around your drawer. It’s a quick and hassle-free solution for storing your emergency flashlights. Also, if you have some Velcro straps lying around you can also use it to secure other easily misplaced items. For example, you can use Velcro straps to hold remote controls for your television.

7. Invest in Foldaway Equipment to Further Maximize RV Space

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There are literally dozens of fold-up equipment that you can buy today (beside must-have equipments for normal cars like weight distribution hitch, spare tire, ...). These contraptions are designed for maximizing space and are ideal for camping trips. There are items like a foldaway kettle such as the Useful Electric Collapsible Kettle or if you want to relax outside of your RV you can pull out a foldable chair like the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair. Simply put, you already have a huge selection of cost-effective and storage saving contraptions at your fingertips. Take advantage of these types of equipment to optimize your RV’s interior space and help organize important items.


It goes without saying that it is important for you to organize your RV. Remember that you will be outdoors and away from civilization which means that organizing your equipment and making sure you can get everything you need quickly when you need it is vital. Storage space will also be limited so it is best to make the most out of every nook and cranny.

The 7 tips I gave you above are the backbone of RV organization. Keep each to heart and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to save space. Of course, if you will be trying out new techniques, I suggest you try it before-hand and not during your actual camping trip. Be prepared and arm yourself with the right information and you are guaranteed to get the best RV experience possible.

As always, if you have any tips you want to share or if you want to add something to the discussion please use the comment section below.

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