Traveling, in General, Can Change Your Worldview

How can traveling change your life? What happens to your brain when you travel? Why is important for people to travel? Do you know the answers to the questions above? If NO, then this article is for you. If you don’t love traveling then perhaps you are denying yourself a lot of benefits. Traveling or even going camping can change the way you perceive yourself, the people you live with, and the world.

Well, some people travel to break from their routines, but traveling can do more than just that. If you travel, you become wiser and open-minded. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

What are the benefits of traveling?

Travel experts advise people to travel more. So why should you travel? Why is it that your neighbor was in New York the other week and this week he will be in Guatemala?

Ideally, traveling changes your physical and psychological health. Traveling relieves you from stress, depression, and anxiety.

The good thing is that you can travel even if you don’t have enough money. There are cheap fly tickets out there so don’t make money an excuse why you aren’t traveling more.

With that being said, here are reasons why you should travel more as shared by John Alison, a travel expert and one of the best essay writing professionals in the UK.

1. Traveling is Beneficial to Your Health

Yes, when you travel a lot, you beat stress, and you also improve your heart health and your overall body will feel better. In fact, some people have expressed a decrease in depression and anxiety after traveling abroad.


Well, traveling does not cure all these problems completely, but you will feel better both bodily and emotionally.

Traveling will also improve your mental health, particularly for people who are confined in their comfort zones all the time.

2. Traveling Breaks You from Your Routines

Look, most of the time we get hooked up in our everyday activities that we can’t get the time to experience the outside world. By so doing, we expose our bodies to health risks.

Remember that in the end, you will burst like a ball in the sun. Just imagine pilling up the pressure from your boss, your kids, your parents, and life.

Traveling breaks you from all these so that you can take a deep breath and feel better outside.

3. Traveling Is Good For Your Brain

See, when you travel, you interact with people speaking different languages. You learn different cultures and you also get exposed to things you’ve never used to. This way your brain capacity improves.

Traveling helps you to learn about yourself. Sometimes when traveling, you will find yourself in a situation that requires you to think differently. This way, you find yourself developing a skill you didn’t have.

4. Traveling Allows You to Try Different Foods from Other Countries

No matter how good you are at cooking, traveling exposes you to different types of foods from different countries that you may consider yourself an amateur.


As you travel, you discover new food you’ve never tasted or thought about before.

There is nothing as exciting as trying local food in another country. You enjoy different flavors; you learn different ways of cooking different foods. You can bring all this to your own country and make a difference.

5. You Become an Explorer

The world is connected particularly now that technology is in our hands. However, not all places are known to every tourist. Preparing a bucket list of places to visit can be interesting especially if you are traveling to amazing places.

The good thing about traveling to places you don’t know is that it enables you to think differently.

6. When You Travel You Extend Your Network

In today’s life where people trust people they know in person, building connections is no longer optional. If you travel, you build connections and network abroad. Meeting new people and interacting with them in real life also opens up your mind.

7. Traveling is good for Self-Development

Personal growth is important. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to self-develop when you always confined in your comfort zone. When you travel, you do different things than you used to do; you experience a different environment so you become independent and responsible for yourself.

Each time you travel you learn something innovative so you can find your strengths, learn your weaknesses, understand your values, etc.


This way, you learn things by yourself, you learn other people’s way of lives and you get to know places.

Sometimes when you encounter a challenge and you work around it, you get stronger.

8. Traveling Gives You Practical Education

When you travel, you learn by doing things in real life, there and then, practically, and in person. Traveling provides you with the education you couldn’t learn in school or by reading books.

After all, real-life education is that you learn outside those four walls. Travel teaches you history, sociology, geographies, and economy.

The knowledge we acquire from books is theoretical while traveling provides us with practical knowledge.

9. Travel Allows You to Interact With Different Cultures

Different cities have people of different cultures all or most of who you have never met or known.  Interacting with people from different cultures can change your life’s perspectives of other people.


You learn from them as they learn from you. You get to know how they welcome people, and who knows perhaps your own people back home don’t know how to welcome people- you can take that back home and make a change. All this enables you to learn more about others and teaches you how to connect with other people outside.

10. Travel Allows You to Experience What You Value In Life

You don’t really know what you value in life until you travel and see for yourself.

Undeniably, a lot of people don’t know what they value in life. If you were asked what you value in life, you most probably will say you value your family and friendship. However, there are many things you value than you can imagine. Once you travel, you will know all that.

Traveling will open you to plenty of enjoyable moments and activities which you can add to your daily routine when you get back.

11. Travel Expands Your Skylines

If you thought you know many things, wait until you travel then you will realize that what you know is just a drop in the ocean.

When you travel, you meet people from all walks of life, you experience different cultures, you learn new languages, you try different foods, in the end, you broaden your horizons.

Travel allows you to enjoy experiences you probably couldn’t have enjoyed in your hometown no matter how long you lived.

12. Traveling is Life Changing

When you travel, you will never come back the same you again. Your life will change in diverse ways.

When you travel, you move out of your comfort zones. This way, you grow individually. You cut the chains that are holding you back. Once you conquer the barriers, by taking on a challenge that makes you uncomfortable, you become a better version of yourself.

13. Traveling Boosts Your Mood

Look, when you alight from the plane in your travel destination, you develop a feeling of happiness and excitement rocks your whole body. Your heart gets lighter. You experience a new environment with different things and encounters altogether.


You remove the stress from your life and you improve your mood.

Why are you not traveling this vacation? Why wouldn’t you boost your mood by taking that next plane to Dubai before New Year?

14. Travel is Refreshing

You spend many hours sitting in front of your work computer and sometimes you forgo vacations to bank in more money.

But look, that money you cash in by skipping vacations isn’t worth it. Vacationing is healthy and if you are denying yourself a vacation than you aren’t doing any favor to your health.

Your brain needs to relax, your body needs to rejuvenate, and your heart needs to get some break.

Walk out to the beach and expose yourself to sunlight. Recharge and rejuvenate your body before you come back and pick up from where you left.

15. Travel Enables You to Understand and Embrace Other Cultures

The reasons why you love traveling may differ from one person to another. However, when you travel, you understand other cultures.

If you can understand and tolerate other cultures different from yours, then you are smart. Becoming smarter than you are is a huge benefit you can get when you travel more.

Remember that when you travel, you are exposed to different people, cuisines, customs, traditions, beliefs, and traditions. If you can put up with all these, then it can be a good learning experience for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, traveling, in general, can change your worldview. You experience a new environment, you break away from your routine, you interact and learn from different people and cultures, you enjoy what you love, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Traveling can transform your life including the way you think about yourself, other people and the world.

Don’t you want to enjoy all these benefits?

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