Trekking in Annapurna – the dream that can come true!

Annapurna massif is located in Nepal, the Himalayas and it is a popular place to start trekking. If you are interested in annapurna trekking, it is worth to read this article.

Popular trekking route in Annapurna

Annapurna massif consists of many popular peaks that are worth to visit if you are keen on trekking and even when it is your first time. If you want to see some of them, it is recommended to select Annapurna circuit that lasts between 14 to 20 days. During those days you are able to develop your trekking skills and see the most amazing mountains in the world.

There are 2 routes that go around Annapurna but in both cases you start from a completely different place than you finish, without circling the whole massif. The length of the route depends on the finish point. When you choose to end your annapurna trekking in Jomsom (it will be about 100 km), the final kilometres may be gone by a small plane to Pokhara – in this case, the whole trip lasts about 14 days. However, if you would like to make a full circle on foot, then you have to dedicated about 19 to 20 and your trekking in annapurna will finish in Pokhara.


The Annapurna region is slightly poorer than Everest but it is equally beautiful and unique. It is also well-developed when it comes to roads and in recent years in the high parts of the mountains, there have been built many roads where the tourists may travel by jeeps.

During trekking in annapurna, individual peaks of the Annaparna massif are visible without any problems. The route is very diverse. The highest point that can be reached during the trekking trip is Thorung La Pass located at 5416 metres above sea level where winter conditions are nothing unusual.

This route looks like this – the starting point is in Besi Sahar 750 metres and then the tourists reach Bhulbhule 840 metres – it may also be reached by jeep. Later the tourists trek to Ghermu 1310 metres, reaching Tal 1700 metres, Danakyu 2300 metres and Chame 2670 metres. Then they arrive in Penang 3300 metres and Manang 3540 metres where is the acclimatization point.


After some time they trek to Yak Kharka 4010 metres, Thorung Phedi 4450 metres with High Camp 4925 metres and cross Thorung La Pass 5416 metres. Finally, they trek to Muktinath 3800 metres, Kagbeni 2800 metres and Jomsom 2720 metres. In Jomsom the route is finished and they may fly to Pokhara or continue the trek reaching Marpha 2680 metres, Ghasa 2110 metres, Tatopani, Ghorepani 2675 metres and finally Birethanti 1025 metres.

This is only one of the example of the trekking routes in Annapurna. If you would like to learn more about other trips, for example to Lhotse or Kanchenjunga, feel free to see the

Formalities and permits

You have to have a passport valid for minimum 6 months forward and 30-day visa that can be bought at the airport in Kathmand. It is also worth having 2 passport size photos with you - you will need them to issue trekking permits. What is more, on the trekking routes are located so-called check-points, where you must show appropriate documents authorizing you to enter the route in a given national park.

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