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what is coleman fuel

When it comes to camping and outdoor activities, it is of your best interest to always be prepared. Being properly equipped to tackle the challenges of the great outdoors is rule number one for every camper. Regarding fuel (for your oil lanterns, heaters and stoves), you must be extremely careful on what type you use. As you might expect, any attempt to start a fire in the woods needs to be properly handled to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

In this regard, most outdoor enthusiasts recommend one particular brand of fuel; the Coleman fuel. What is Coleman fuel? That is what we’ll discuss here which should hopefully impart you with necessary knowledge if you wish to participate in a little camping expedition of your own.

What is Coleman Fuel?

I think it’s safe to assume that you have already heard of the Coleman company, right? This company primarily manufactures outdoor products. Coleman fuel is one such product and labeling it as just another kind of gasoline is a huge disservice to what it delivers.

Coleman fuel is also commonly referred to as "the white gas". It is a naphtha-based fuel that is often used in lanterns, stoves and it's also popular among fire dancers. This gas is 100% light hydrotreated distillate. A little heads up for those new to this type of gas; do not use it as fuel for your vehicle! It will undoubtedly destroy the engine valves in short order.

If you are bringing a Coleman lantern, or any other type of fuel-based lantern, it is best if  that you know what type of gas it uses. You should also be well aware of the advantages each type offers. There are three widely used lantern types which we shall talk about below.

Three Types of Coleman Lantern

1. Kerosene Lantern

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The traditional fuel for most campers. Not only can it handle low temperature conditions, but it can also act as a mini heater. One disadvantage of using kerosene fuel is that they produce a strong gasoline smell and release smoke. It is also rather difficult to refuel kerosene based equipment.

2. Propane Lantern

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The Propane Lantern is probably the most popular as propane type Coleman fuel is readily available in most stores that sell outdoor products. It is usually compatible with most stoves and lanterns as well. When it comes to refueling lanterns, propane based fuel literally only needs to be screwed to the lantern or stove. One downside this type of fuel is that it does not take well to significantly low temperature conditions, making it a poor choice for camping during winter.

3. Dual Fuel Lantern

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The most affordable of the three types, dual fuel system utilizes the tried and tested “white gas” that Coleman fuel is synonymous for. This is environment friendly as it does not produce smoke of any kind. It also has the added advantage of emitting higher temperatures than kerosene. This is liquid based fuel so refueling can still be an awkward affair. I suggest you get a fuel filler or funnel to speed up the refilling process.

If you need a more detailed instruction on how to refill Coleman gas canisters then check out the video below.

For those looking for a dependable outdoor lantern, I recommend you check out the Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern for its affordable price and durability. Here’s a quick video review of the product:

Coleman Fuel and its Advantages

There is a reason why Coleman fuel is highly recommended by campers and is considered an essential item in your outdoor list. The many benefits that Coleman fuel delivers both regarding environmental safety and convenience are indispensable to the modern camper. Let’s talk about the advantages point by point, shall we?


As stated earlier, Coleman fuel uses white gas. This type of gas produces intense levels of heat but does not produce any kind of smoke or strong scent when burned. The canister that Coleman fuel uses is also reusable. Unlike other fuel containers that can only be used once, you can take Coleman fuel canisters for refills which will save you some extra cash.

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Coleman fuel is far more affordable than most brands on the market. Coleman company is known for their high-quality products, and Coleman fuel is no different. You can expect to save more with this brand as the fuel will last longer compared to standard fuels. As for shelf life, it has been reported that an unopened canister stored in a dry place and steady temperature will last for around seven years while opened canisters placed in the same area will last for two years.

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This is to be expected from a brand that focuses exclusively on outdoor products. Coleman fuel canisters are available in various sizes with gallon being the largest size available. You can choose smaller canisters to save space if you plan on hiking, like the Coleman Premium Blend Fuel (32 oz.).

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One gallon of Coleman fuel can last up to 40 hours of continuous use. As you will most likely use this fuel for cooking, heating and as a light source, I would say that 40 hours is a great deal considering the price. I suggest that you get some good quality lantern, stoves and heaters to help maximize your fuel longevity.

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Overall, you can never have too much Coleman fuel, especially if you love camping. It’s cheap and reliable in most situations. It is environment friendly which is an essential factor to take into account for modern campers.

Of course, having a great quality fuel is all for naught if you have low grade equipment to use it on. Invest in high grade outdoor gear to avoid potential problems. It will also save you some extra cash in the long run. Check out the Coleman Fuel Dual Lantern and the Coleman Sportster II Stove which are both highly rated by customers in Amazon.

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