What is the Best Time to Go Fishing – The Guide to Maximize Your Chances in Fishing

Your success in fishing will depend on several factors, not just one. And, after a good catch, you should know how to make the fish last longer. You can’t expect to get some good catch even if you have the best fishing equipment and lure. No, equipment is just one-half of the equation when it comes to successful fishing. The other half will be on the time, weather, and temperature of your fishing location.

Fish, like all other species on earth, are affected by their environment. They will prefer specific locations depending on the current temperature and will be more active during certain times of the day. Each fish is different, for example, some are more active at night while others are more active at high noon. Knowing the nature of the fish you are planning to catch is essential to increase your chances.

Now then, let us discuss the specific factors such as time, temperature, and season when it comes to fishing so that you can determine what is the best time to go fishing.

The Area’s Overall Temperature

As would have learned in grade school, fish are cold-blooded which means they can’t regulate their body temperature by themselves. The general temperature in a given body of water will greatly affect the fish’s activity. For example, during winter you can expect most fish to become sluggish and more inactive, preferably staying in one specific part of the lake, pond, or river where the temperature is at a manageable level.


With that in mind, we can conclude that fishing on a considerably hot or cold day will make catching a bit difficult. Knowing this little nugget of information will also help you decide which lure and bait to use. A good technique you can utilize is by pulling the lure or bait slower during winter days and a bit more aggressively during summer.

The Ambient Light

Most fish will prefer minimum sunlight when they move about the body of water when finding food. Once the early morning sun hits the water, it makes the shallow part more comfortable for the fish. The shallow part of the water will be more hospitable for fish, which is why they tend to go out and hunt for food during this time of the day.


However, if the temperature is too hot then you will mostly find fish further down the deep end of the pond or lake. This also applies if it’s noon. Fish will tend to go into the deeper part where the temperature is more comfortable.

Basically, use deep fishing lures and baits during summer and high noon. On the other hand, cooler temperatures with minimum sunlight mean your best bet is to fish such as minnows will be around the shallow parts of the water. As you can see, temperature and time of day play a huge factor in fishing.

The Changing Seasons

The season will greatly affect your chances of catching fish. Of course, it will depend on what type of fish you will be catching. For now, let us simply discuss the changing seasons and when the best time to fish will be for each.

Here’s a short video that discusses how temperature generally affects your chances of fishing...

Spring Time Fishing


Early Morning Fishing – It is not recommended to go fishing around this time during the first week of spring when ice is still in the process of thawing. The temperature in the water will be considerably low even around the shallow parts. I suggest you wait a week or two once sunlight can properly warm up the pond or lake.

Mid-Day Fishing – Fishing during this time of the season will be a little bit difficult as bites will happen at random. A good tip you can follow to increase your chances is by looking for the shore where the downwind is directed. The wind pushes the warm water towards this area along with baitfish.

Afternoon Fishing – This is the best time to go fishing during spring as the sun would have properly heated up the water at this point. Fish will be more active during this time and you will most likely see fish activity easily.

Summer Time Fishing


Early Morning Fishing – Dawn and early morning will see the pond brimming with activity as the temperature is at its best levels during this time. However, while you might think this means easy pickings, the amount of cover and foliage will make things difficult to locate the best spot to fish. Most of the fish swimming around this time will already be quite full so making them bite your lure will be a challenge.

Mid-Day Fishing – The water temperature will be considerably hot at this point of the day. Fish will tend to go to deeper parts of the water making it difficult to land a catch.

Afternoon Fishing – This is the best time to go fishing during summer. Water temperature cools down and most fish will start going back up to the surface. Summer is also a generally great time to catch some catfish as this is the time when most breeds will spawn.

Fall Time Fishing


Early Morning Fishing – As the temperature starts to fall, pun intended, you will have a more difficult time landing a catch during the early morning of the fall season.

Mid-Day Fishing – Fish will be random but the best area for you to land a catch is around the shallow shorelines. You can wait once the sun is directly overhead for a better chance.

Afternoon Fishing – As the sun is positioned directly above you, it will be able to penetrate the water better. Basically, high noon, once the sun is at its highest, is the best time to go fishing during fall. This will also be the best time to catch some redfish as they will migrate into coastal inlets once the temperature starts to drop.


Hopefully, this little article will help you plan out your fishing schedule. The time and season of fishing will depend on the type of fish you want to catch. But the general rule of thumb you can count on is that hot temperature means fish will be in the deep while the cooler temperature will push them towards the shallows.


A good bait and lure like the Sougayilang Fishing Lures can help greatly so remember to invest in a good set of fishing gear. As always, don’t forget to comment below if you have anything to add and share this with others if you found it helpful.

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