What’s Hot in 2019 Decor?

The New Year is knocking at the door. This is high time to leave the old things behind and embrace the new ones. The decoration lovers have already started looking for a great start in the coming year. Here is a list of décor trends that are sure to be hot in 2019.

#1. Statement Ceilings are on the Buzz

After long time statement ceilings are creating a strong buzz in the décor regime. One of the reasons could be the little changes offered the New Year color shades. Several types of ceilings including wallpapered, painted, lacquered, and molded ceilings are in great demand. Even the old timer heavily ornate ceiling is also reappearing. These crafted ceilings are sure to make a memorable visual impact.

#2. Curved Furniture Makes a Great Come Back

Although ridiculed in the recent past, curves and smooth edges have replaced the box type. During this time people became tired of straight lines and rectangular forms. For this, they are now patronizing the curved furniture.
They are shifting from plain things to soft and plush sofas and round coffee tables. This is also going to be a hit in the coming year.

#3. Tribal-inspired Patterns are the new Craze

Tribal-inspired patterns are making their way in printed cover. Due to their unique symmetrical harmony, they exude a warm feeling even in a minimalist room. These are used in pillow covers, throw pillows and also as a slipcover to the furniture. When explored to the full advantage they jazz up the decoration aplomb to the next level.

#4. Bohemian is style is back with a twist

The bohemian style is again back. As a matter of fact, this has never been discarded completely. But this time it returned with a nice twist of curved lines. 2019 is going to find a lot of elegant layering of the curved furniture for making it whimsical. No wonder, this will be a hot favorite.

#5. Canopy beds are making a steady rise

These were not at the forefront for many years. But there is a rising demand for them now. These are now available in a wide range of options. Since these have a sleek design they do not use much space. People have found their comforting oasis in them. They are going to be hot in 2019.

#6. Matte Finishes are in Great Demand

Keeping parity with the beauty products, matte finish is becoming prevalent in the décor regimen. In view of their relaxing and futuristic appeal, matte finishes become the most dominant décor trend. From furniture to soft furnishing they are used everywhere. This is not expected to go out of style soon.

#7. Black & White Combination is prevailing

This is a timeless combination and is going to shake the décor world in 2019. It makes the place fresh and youthful with their bold contrast. Being in line with the modern concept of 90% white and 10% color, it is the horse of a long race. You can never go wrong with this.

#8. Spa-inspired bathroom

Although smallest, it is the most important place in the house. Most of the people are now opting to make the place more relaxing. They are painting neutral color and adorn the place with a large mirror. Soft lighting and chic faucets are also used to elevate the ambiance. Such bathrooms are perfect to relieve stress and are going to rock in 2019.

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#9. Double-duty Furniture has an Edge

More and more people are now resorting to small apartment urban living. To face the challenge people are favoring multifunctional furniture. They can serve dual purposes without affecting the style quotient. There are sofas that can be turned into a bed or bed with hidden storage underneath. As the trend goes these will be a hot pick in the years to come.

#10. Terrazzo is also a Hot Favorite

Terrazzo is a combination of glass, granite, marble and quartz chips. It delivers a great background and can complement any décor theme. This mid-century décor element has again surfaced and made a big impact. This is also going to dominate the décor trends in 2019.

#11. Copper & Brass Accents

2019 is the year to bid farewell to the gold and stainless steel accents that dominated in 2018. There will be more emphasis on copper accents. With its typical red color, it will bring in a fresh vibe in the coming year. Brass has also returned as a surprising décor element. They exude a typical vintage feeling that is liked by many. These two are sure to be hot in 2019.

#12. Refreshing with Greeneries

Like this year, greeneries are sure to be a hot décor choice in 2019. Install them in the interior and exterior of any place. They will refresh the setting with their splash of green. Although the live trees and plants are great mood enhancers, they have their downsides. Due to their heavy caring demands, the fake decorative trees became the godsend alternative.

These non-botanical decorating elements are available in almost all possible varieties. There are flowers, plants, trees, preserved palms, topiaries etc. When you wish to build a green peripheral line, the large artificial trees are perfect for that.

You can use the commercial silk trees in any way you like. Meticulously crafted from top-notch quality raw materials, they have a life-like look. As they can deceive even the most experienced eyes, there will be no compromise in aesthetics.

When you want to give your setting a tropical vibe the fake palms are great for that. Displaying lush green fronds and a stately trunk they lift up the décor to the next level. The Japanese bonsai tree is also second to none for adorning the interior.


Since decoration is all about creation, it undergoes frequent changes. Many new ideas come up. Some of the old things also stay to form the new trend. Embracing those in the New Year is a great way to welcome it. Try the above for your home and enjoy!

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